shares its successful experience at ITB Berlin Convention

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/24/2014) – The travel industry is growing in 2014. shows its expertise at ITB Berlin 2014 trade fair. «It was a great opportunity to meet buyers and exhibitors from all around the world», said Luca Cotichini, CEO the best showcase to introduce our next marketing strategies».

After a relatively mediocre growth caused by economic and financial crisis in many countries, the travel industry expects a lively worldwide development in 2014. The ITB Berlin Convention confirmed this positive trend reaching a new record number of visitors, 22,000 participants and more than 200 reports, debates and workshops with a 5% increase.

Social media and mobile travel services are in constant expansion among web users – affirms Cotichini – and this proves also the importance of the Internet community in selecting travel destinations, hotels and flights». According to Berlin estimates, the increase in business transactions is around € 6.5 billion with a particular interest in sustainable travels and booking through mobile devices.

Joining community travellers all around the world can share their own experiences posting reviews photos videos and other tips. 

By reading reviews every user can easily find the most interesting places to visit and useful information for planning their own trip. In addition thanks to our specific services and more than 10,000 destinations suggested they can find out the kind of experience they prefer. New York , Parigi , Singapore , Miami , Londra , Cancun are just some of the most relevant destinations travellers can discover visiting

Which are the most popular destinations nowadays? Mediterranean area – especially Greece and Spain – registers a record number of visitors in 2013 while Europe – particularly Germany – seems to be more interesting for Asian tourists. Innovative trends in travel industry and luxury travels have also attracted the interest of visitors from all around the world.
In conclusion, travel agencies tour operators and all the companies dealing with this sector will be able to improve their business in 2014 thanks to new online services and mobile trends.

The next ITB Berlin Convention will take place on March 2015 with Mongolia as official partner of the German exhibition.

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Helpline in Wickliffe Brings Hope to Teens Struggling with Addiction

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 — The vicious cycle of addiction has long been a problem in Wickliffe, OH. For a number of years, countless local teenagers with substance abuse issues lacked the resources to receive proper help for their alcohol and drug dependency. To address this crisis situation a new helpline has been established in Wickliffe to provide much-needed assistance for those suffering from addiction.

The helpline is designed to provide young adults with valuable information on treatment options available at treatment facilities as well as guidance and support. By calling (440) 809-8694, teenagers can speak directly to a certified substance abuse professional. The helpline is available at all hours for anyone regardless of age. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at

When it comes to alcohol and drug rehab, timing is crucial. The sooner a teen receives proper treatment, the better their chances of achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle.  Today’s drug rehab facilities provide a wide variety of substance abuse recovery options including individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, drug detox and mandatory education program. By accessing the helpline, teens can find the right drug rehab facility with the right staff, which is vital in the recovery process.

About the Wickliffe Alcoholism Helpline:

Teenagers in Wickliffe, OH who need assistance locating an accredited drug and alcohol rehab facility are encouraged to call the new helpline at (440) 809-8694 or visit them online at

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Western Independent Bankers Endorses Touchpoint Metrics and Touchpoint Mapping On-Demand, a Cloud-Based Customer Experience Management Software

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/23/2014) – Western Independent Bankers announced today that is has endorsed customer experience solutions company Touchpoint Metrics (OTCQB:TPOI) to provide customer experience measurement and improvement tools to community banks in the Western states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and the U.S. Territories.

Touchpoint Metrics is a pioneer in customer experience management solutions, and has worked with many banks and financial services institutions to achieve substantial improvements in customer and employee acquisition, engagement, retention, satisfaction and loyalty. Touchpoint Mapping® On-Demand, their cloud-based Voice of the Customer (VoC) product suite, offers bank leaders quick and easy access to vital customer, competitor and employee insights, to support data-driven decisions that enhance business value.

“We are delighted to welcome Touchpoint Metrics as a WIB Endorsed Program partner. They are widely viewed as experts in Customer Experience Management, and offer a proven approach based on deep banking industry expertise,” says WIB President, Julianna Graham. “Speaking as a past client, I’m confident our members will receive valuable and highly actionable insights from their products and services.”

WIB is a trade association that informs, educates and connects community banks with the resources and services to achieve the highest standards of personal and organizational performance. WIB Endorsed Program partners are reviewed and selected through a thorough and rigorous due diligence process and provide benefits to Western banks not available in the general marketplace, typically in the form of discounts or cost savings.

“We are honored and thrilled to be selected as a WIB Endorsed Partner and have the opportunity to contribute to the success of WIB members” says Michael Hinshaw, Touchpoint Metrics President and CEO. “The banking industry is fast changing and we look forward to helping WIB members to get ahead and more effectively compete by better understanding their customers and their markets.”

More information on WIB Endorsed Program partners can be found  at

About Western Independent Bankers (WIB) & WIB Service Corporation

Western Independent Bankers (WIB) has been helping community bank executive management and board members solve their challenges for 75 years. WIB informs, educates and connects community banks with the resources and services to achieve the highest standards of personal and organizational performance. WIB has community bank members in nine western states in addition to an array of community bank service providers.  For more information go to

About Touchpoint Metrics
Touchpoint Metrics ( is a customer experience solutions company. We deliver actionable data and on-demand “Voice of the Customer” insights, leveraging technology and business intelligence to dramatically improve brand position, customer and employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement. Touchpoint Mapping®—our signature approach to quantifying customer experience—has driven business results for some of the world’s leading companies, automatically mapping the complex, cross-channel maze of touchpoints that drive customer experience and brand perception.

For more information, visit, or call 1-855-938-8100 toll free in the U.S., or +1-415-938-8100.

Contact Information

Touchpoint Metrics

Denise Marshall
1-415-938-8100 Ext. 706

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New Teenager Helpline Provides Valuable Information for Young Addicts

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – Teens who suffer from a drug or alcohol substance abuse in Powell, OH have a new resource to find proper help for their drug or alcohol substance abuse. The recently established helpline is designed to provide valuable information about rehab and can direct teens and their parents on which facilities can best address their chemical dependency

By calling (908)988-4502, teen addicts can speak directly to a certified substance abuse professional who can address any questions or concerns about their addiction. Operators are available 24/7 to provide valuable information about rehab as well as guidance and support to any teen that needs assistance for their chemical dependency. Parents can use the helpline to learn more about treatment programs available along with information on which rehab facilities give their child the best chance for recovery. More comprehensive information can be found at the helpline’s website at

The sooner a young adult receives help for their substance abuse, the better their chances of achieving sobriety and living a bright, healthy future. Treatment options available at rehab facilities can help any addict regardless of age, gender or social standing get the proper help they need. Accredited treatment facilities can provide drug detox, individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis and mandatory education program. The road to recovery can start by just making a phone call or using your computer.

About the helpline:

Finding a rehab center for adolescents in Powell, OH has long been an obstacle for young adults struggling with addiction. By establishing a new helpline, local teens can find solutions to their substance abuse issues and begin enrolling at an accredited drug rehab facility. Simply call (614) 902-3815 or go online and visit today.

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Florida’s H2O911 to Handle Emergency Intervention for Mold and Moisture Removal

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/23/14 – The 24-hour emergency service based in Naples, FL, can be contacted in order to deal professionally with water and weather hazard damage, as well as with moisture consequences like mold formation. 

H2o911 is a certified mold contractor which promotes indoor air quality plus a healthy and pleasant living environment. Its Mold Removal services include inspecting and testing surfaces for mold. The professional team takes all the necessary steps for remediation, for removing molds and spores that can cause severe allergic reactions. It removes moisture inside living spaces to prevent mold growth and also eliminates mold that is already grown. 

As an extension to its mold removal service, H2o911 also deals with any form of water damage. Thus, it fights and prevents water infiltration, condensation, leaks or flooding, which lead to prolonged moisture and mold formation. In addition, it intervenes in case of storm damage to dry out and restore flooded areas, stopping secondary damage. 

Click here to read about the available solutions in case of extensive water damage. 

H2o911 uses top de-humidifying equipment for floors and walls, but also for upholstery, carpets, draperies and tiles. Because fast action is a must, its experts are able to reach a location very quickly. The team has a 30-minute response time to ensure timely action and optimal recovery. The company works directly with the insurance companies.

About H2o911 is an Eco-friendly firm certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. It performs mold inspections and removal, along with remediation and moisture prevention, cleaning and sanitizing. 

To read more about Mold Removal, go to

Contact Details :-
H2o911 Restoration
Fort Myers, FL

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AV-Comparatives Releases March “Real-World Protection Test”

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Innsbruck, 23rd of April 2014 Test organization AV-Comparatives has released their “March Product Dynamic Real World Protection Test”.  Emisoft, Kaspersky, Avira, and BitDefender surpassed the other vendors, blocking 99.8% of the malware they encountered.  Korean AV vendor AhnLab trailed the pack, blocking only 90.3% of the samples encountered. 

Once again, testing by AV-Comparatives demonstrated that it is not necessarily the most well known companies that have the best results.  McAfee was in the eighth position, Trend Micro in the twelfth.  Symantec and G DATA were not one of the participants in the public main tests.  Trend Micro and McAfee also had the highest number of false positives, with 19 and 11 respectively.  A bit of black eye for BitDefender was their 7  false positives. 

The four A’s, on the other hand, had zero false positives, AhnLab, Avast, AVG, and Avira. AhnLab surpassed all vendors with 9.7% compromised samples, however.

 “One thing we did in the most recent test was to triple the sample size,” stated Clementi from AV-Comparatives.  “Without going into a lot of mathematical detail, increasing the sample size improves the statistical accuracy of the results, as well as the significance of the false positive rate.  Test results from companies with a very small sample size are not so good.” 

“We consider this test and the test methodology to be the best in the industry,” said Andreas Clementi.  “In fact, the Real-World Protection Test framework has been recognized by the “Standortagentur Tirol” with the 2012 “Cluster Award for innovation in computer science” and by the “Austrian Government” with the 2013 “Constantinus Award”.

AV-Comparatives performs a number of other tests each year. Just recently they also released their “File Detection Test”.  Kaspersky topped all vendors with a 99.8% detection rate with F-Secure, eScan, Baidu, and Fortinet tied for second, at 99.6%.  AhnLab trailed all companies with 89% (16 false positives).

The print version of the report itself shows the results in alphabetical order.  Individuals can go to the web site and sort the results by performance. They can also view more current results between the published test results. This document is   a one month overview. Detailed overviews comprising four months of data collection are published twice annually.   


About AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is an independent not-for-profit organization offering systematic testing that checks whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest sample collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing.  AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance which is globally recognized.

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Teen Helpline Brings Hope to those with Substance Abuse

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – Too many young adults in Franklin, OH struggle with substance abuse every day. The vicious cycle of drug and alcohol addiction has long been a major concern. For many years, very little information on drug rehab was available for teens with alcohol and drug dependency issues.  To combat this problem, a new helpline has been established to provide young addicts with a valuable resource to find the proper assistance they need to achieve a sober lifestyle.

By calling the helpline at (732) 945-7844, teens can speak directly with a certified addiction specialist to discuss their addiction issues. Operators are standing by 24/7 to provide valuable information about rehab as well as guidance and support. Young adults can learn about treatment options available at various rehab facilities. Parents can use the helpline to learn more about which treatment centers give their child the best opportunity to overcome a drug or alcohol dependency. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide a variety of treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy along with mandatory education programs. The treatments available at rehab centers can help any patient achieve sobriety regardless of their age, gender or social standing. The helpline’s goal is to reduce the rate of teen chemical dependency and to give young adults a place they can turn to for proper help.

About the helpline:

The new helpline in Franklin, OH is designed to provide information on drug and alcohol rehab and inform teens where they can get assistance for their substance abuse. Teens and their parents are encouraged to call (937) 964-7177or visit the helpline’s website at

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Muslims to Pakistan, Sikhs Go to Khalistan, After Togadia and Giriraj Speeches,Claims Vhp (Usa)

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/22/14 – New York. Cindy Locke. Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders in USA are following Pravin Togadia’s and BJP Giriraj Singh’s, election speeches to garner the support of NRI’s in USA and Canada. VHP (USA) Nalin Shah also included the Sikh NRI’s, during the Vaisakhi celebrations, asking them to leave India and reside in Khalistan “if they are not supporting BJP and Narendra Modi as Prime Minister candidate of BJP”.

Recently in Bhavnagar, the SSP. M.S.Pawar has initiated an investigation into Togadia’s remarks “asking Hindus to not let Muslims buy real estate in areas where Hindus are in a majority”. Election Commission of India has barred Giriraj Singh to campaign, due to his statements of fear mongering “ordering Muslims to go to Pakistan, if they do not Vote for BJP or Modi”.

BJP’s Narendra Modi, tweeted this morning, asking his party leaders to refrain from making such comments, which threaten the fabric of secularism in India. NRI Hindus have gone a step forward, asking NRI Sikhs to leave India, go to Khalistan, if they do not support BJP. NRI Akali Leader Harry Sandhu, condemned Shah’s comments and wants SAD President Sukhbir Badal to speak to Modi “for statements against Sikh NRI’s, residing in USA, Canada, UK and Australia”.

Indian Overseas Congress General Secretary, Sunil Malhotra has sent the documented proof of VHP(USA), to Election Commission of India, for action against VHP Leaders, ” who are inciting racial wars”, outside India, said Malhotra. Leaders of Shiv Sena, had openly claimed expulsion within six months of BJP rule, of Muslims, in Mumbai, during an election rally, addressed by Narendra Modi. IOC President Vikram Bajwa, demands “BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi, should apologize to NRI’s and expel such leaders, who claim his support and are contesting on BJP Tickets”.

Harbir Thind a NRI Lawyer, is of the opinion, since VHP (USA) is a social charitable Org., it should be demanded from IRS, to repeal its no-profit charitable status, in USA. and Canada.

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More Women Than Ever on Corporate Boards

Global survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group shows a surge in acceptance of women corporate directors.

LIGHTNING RELEASES: STOCKHOLM, SE (4/23/2014) – Corporations are embracing women as directors and business leaders at an unprecedented rate, recent surveys suggest.

The annual global survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group shows a marked increase in the number of corporations with female directors as well as growth in the number of women in executive roles. 

“The fastest growth in our latest survey is among women corporate directors,” says Göran Jansson, Marketing Communications Director for Cornerstone International Group.  “Over 65% of respondents have female directors compared with 56% in 2013, the first year we had a majority return.  And we’ve been doing this for nine years.”

Cornerstone International Group is a global retained search and leadership development organization with member-owned offices in 30 countries.  Head offices are in Shanghai, China and here in Atlanta.

“The acceptance of women is more widely seen in management positions,” continues Jansson, who operates four Cornerstone offices in the Nordic countries. “Our latest survey shows that companies without women in a leadership capacity are now fewer than 18% of our respondents.”

You can download the Cornerstone 2014 survey here

Globally, women make up less than 10% of corporate board memberships, according to the Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, but a 2013 study offers reasons for the increasingly warm reception they are receiving.

“We’ve known for some time that companies who have women on their boards have better results,” says Chris Bart, professor of strategic management at De Groote School of Business in Canada. “Our latest studies show that having women on the board is not just the right thing but the smart thing to do.”

Bart found that male directors, 75% of his study, prefer to make decisions using rules and regulations. Female directors are less constrained and tend to see more possible solutions.

“Female directors are more likely to be asking questions than nodding through the proceedings,” says Bart.


Tami Fitzpatrick

Cornerstone International Group

1862  Independence Square

Suite A

Atlanta, GA




Cornerstone International Group is a world leading organization of retained executive search and recruiting specialists.  Members are equity owners of their firms who share business and best practices, giving clients reliable and personal access to highly qualified service both locally and in over 70 locations around the world.  Cornerstone maintains head offices in Shanghai, China and in Atlanta, USA and is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the official body representing retained executive search consulting firms worldwide.. Information on Cornerstone is available through the global website at

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Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Established for Addicts in Need of Assistance

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 — The new Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline was recently established for those in Fostoria, OH who need some help finding a reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The helpline can be reached at (419) 492-9234 any time day or night and is an excellent resource for addicts of any age who want to end a dangerous substance abuse problem. Teenagers who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol are encouraged to contact the helpline to find a rehabilitation program which offers the best chance at recovery.

The helpline also has a corresponding website which can be visited at for more information about what addiction is and why getting clean as soon as possible is in everyone’s best interest. Drugs and alcohol may seem like fun, but going through life under the influence is a complete waste. Contact the Fostoria Alcoholism Helpline today and start taking steps towards recovery.

About Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Calling (419) 492-9234 as soon as possible is a wonderful idea for any drug or alcohol abuser who is committed to reaching sobriety. The helpline is a fantastic resource for finding the substance abuse rehabilitation center which offers you the best chance at sobriety. Send an email to to learn more about how a drug and alcohol recovery facility can help you get clean.


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