How to Select a Solid Webhost

If you’re looking for a new hosting account, you should know that not all hosting accounts are created equally. Depending on the company that you select and what package you opt for, the quality and feature-set of your hosting account can vary dramatically. Read the tips below to make sure that the hosting package that you select will meet your needs and won’t go down on you on a regular basis. So, if you’re looking for the Best WordPress Hosting, or any hosting for that matter, take heed of the advice below:

Read Hosting Reviews – There are all sorts of websites, such as BlueHost Reviews, that allow customers to review web hosting accounts. Look around on these sites and find hosting companies that have a lot of positive reviews and very few negative reviews. Be skeptical about a company that has no negative reviews at all though. That may mean they’re a new company or have scrubbed negative reviews from the web.

Do a Sanity Check – Look at the hosting packages a company is offering and make sure that they can reasonably offer what they say they’re offering for the price they’re offering it at. If a company says that they can provide you with unlimited bandwidth, storage and CPU usage for $10.00 a month, they’re kidding themselves. As soon as you get any reasonable amount of traffic, you’ll probably find your account disabled for “abuse.” Make sure that the company isn’t writing checks it can’t deliver.

Pre-Test the Customer Service – Send an email to the company’s customer service email or call their customer service line to see how long it takes to get a response. If the company takes forever to get back to you, don’t host with them. You need someone that can resolve your issues ASAP, especially if you’re getting the hosting account for your business.

Get the Right Package – Make sure that the web hosting package you’re picking lines up with the technology that the software you want  to use makes use of. If you’re going to use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, you’ll need a Linux hosting package that offers PHP and a MySQL database. If you’re using any ASP or ASP.Net based solutions, you’ll want a Windows package that comes with a Microsoft SQL database.

These are only a few of many suggestions that you could follow to get a great hosting package. Feel free to leave any suggestions you might have about picking a good hosting company in the comments below.


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