How to earn money while travelling

Travelling is more often than not an expensive exercise. Paying for flights, accommodation, sightseeing, food, drinks and everything in between is not easy. On top of that, there is nothing worse than falling in love with a foreign city and realising you have to leave because your holidays funds have dried up to what can only be described as a severe money drought. But by using your web skills from your work back home, you may be able to score a few odd jobs that can prolong your holiday that little bit longer.

If you’re backpacking on a shoestring, chances are you are staying in some hostels with pretty average websites. Basic web design is a skill that baffles most and you can use this to your advantage (and it will be even easier if you were smart enough to take along your Apple laptop or PC). Offer to redo the website of a hostel – take photos, use a font other than Comic Sans, clean up the page, maybe even try to increase their SEO – in exchange for some free accommodation. People do it all the time by cleaning rooms or helping out at the front desk so why should working on a website be any different?

Even if you think your writing skills are lacking, it’s worth keeping a travel blog. If you’re a great photographer, then you should definitely be keeping one. Its true there are a million and one great travel sites out there but you never know, yours might be the one that an advertiser wants to be involved with. If you’re serious about blogging and can prove you have a decent readership, it’s worth trying to hook up a deal with a hostel, hotel or travel group. You can write an honest and decent review in return for a night’s stay, a guided tour something similar.

It’s not just hairdressers who can earn money from fellow backpackers, people who are good at IT can as well. If you’re taking your laptop with you, load it full of heaps of music and movies if you can. When going between hostels, you can charge a small fee for people to update their iPods and iPads using content on your computer. It may sound like a crazy idea from back home but once you’re over there it all makes sense. People get really sick of their music.

The last thing is, don’t lose your stuff. How does that earn you money? Well, technically it doesn’t but it does save you money knowing you won’t have to replace anything when you get back. If you use that laptop to death though and can’t afford a new one when you get home, you always have the wallet-friendly option of Flexirent.

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