Five Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a challenge for any company. Subscribers no longer read their emails just on their desktop computers, but on phones, iPads and other devices.

With those different devices, the emails must make an immediate impact on the reader. This list of five email marketing tips may help you to turn readers into buyers.

1. Keep the message short.

It does not take much to end up in a spam folder. If you use too many words, the mail server may consider your email spam. Readers are in a hurry, if you can make your sentences short or use bullet points, you have a better chance of keeping their attention.

2. Give the reader as much text as possible.

If you use graphics, you may lose your readers who are trying to see your email on their phone. A graphic that takes up the entire email stands a good chance of being deleted. If you are going to use graphics, make them small and add an ALT text to them.

3. Use simple HTML or text.

If you have an email marketing template that expands more than 600px, you need to lose the template. Emails formatted to fit a flat screen desktop will not translate to a small cell phone. If you are going to use HTML, then make it simple and always add a text only option for viewing.

4. Use a real email address to send the email.

Send your emails from a real address that welcomes them to contact you in the future. This opens up a dialog and helps you to establish yourself as an expert in the field that you are promoting.

5. Give them a Call to Action.

In order for your email to be followed through upon, add a Call to Action towards the end of the email. You do not need to try to sell them anything in the email, but you do want them to contact you for more details. You can also use this area to offer a free product pertaining to your company.

Those are some tips to help make your email marketing campaign a success. The most important part of sending your email to your subscriber list is connecting with them in a meaningful way.

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