Top U.S. Gaming Destinations for 2013

There are many different gambling destinations in the United States, but not all of them are places where you would want to visit. It is important to choose a destination that has everything you are looking for in a gambling vacation.

If you want to find out the top US casinos, then look no further. The list below is going to help you put together a great list of places that are fun to visit and also have great casinos.

Destination Las Vegas

The first destination is Las Vegas. This is a most famous gambling destination in the entire world. The entire city is designed around gambling. The fantastic thing about Las Vegas is that they also have world-class hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. Many of the most famous performers in the world have long running engagements in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also home to the most casinos in the world. There are themed casinos like Caesars and Luxor. There are also ultra luxury casinos such as Bellagio. After you are done gambling you can visit a fine dining restaurant or see a show such as Cirque du Soleil.

Destination Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the second most famous gambling destination in the world. The casinos are located right next to the ocean. There is a very famous boardwalk. Atlantic city is not as fancy as Las Vegas, but it certainly has a lot of casinos. There are high-end casinos such as Borgata. There are also old school casinos such as Showboat.

One of the great things about Atlantic City is that there are games for every budget. If you want to play very low limit games you can visit any of the old school casinos that are right on the boardwalk. If you are looking for high stakes games, then you can go to Borgata.

Destination Tunica

Many people are not aware of Tunica. Tunica is located in Mississippi. There are a number of casinos located in Tunica. Some of the biggest companies have built grand casinos there, including Harrah’s and Bally’s. There are many cultural attractions in addition to the casinos. These attractions include southern music and riverboats.

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