Trends For The 2013 Season

With all the ways on how to bet in sports in the internet, it is important to take a look at some of the trends you are going to be seeing in this years Major League Baseball season. If you are going to bet, you need to know what to look for before spending your money.

No Clear Cut Favorites
If you ask ten experts who will win the World Series in 2013 you are apt to get anywhere from 5-8 different answers. While Washington is looked at as the closest thing to a favorite, there are plenty of people out there who will pick the Reds, Rays, Angels, Rangers, Giants, Dodgers and even the Blue Jays. We live in a very different landscape than we did just five years ago.

Big Budgets In New Cities
The Dodgers have the biggest payroll coming into the 2013 season, followed by the Phillies, Tigers and Giants. Heck, even the Blue Jays are in the Top 10. Gone are the days where the Red Sox and Yankees were the only team’s spending money.

A Changing Of The AL East Guard?
One team that does not have a big budget in 2013: the Tampa Bay Rays. With that said, many are favoring the Rays to win the division, if not the entire American League. The Blue Jays had a big off-season, spending a lot of money to try and get to the top of the division. The Orioles are looking to continue last year’s magic and make it back to the playoffs. The Yankees and the Red Sox? They may be duking it out for the cellar.

The Wild, Wild West’s
In the National League West, the defending champion Giants take on the Dodgers, who have spent their way back to relevance. In the American League West, the Angels and the Rangers will square off all season, with the Athletics close behind. These races will be wild.

Central Dominance?
The division winner almost everyone can agree on? The Tigers in the AL Central. The NL may be a difference story, with the Cardinals, the Brewers and the Reds all slugging it out.

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