Camp Fire Takes National Stance in the Fight against Bullying

Camp Fire Takes National Stance in the Fight against Bullying

The Stand Up. Stand Out. Campaign encourages teens to embrace their unique qualities

There is an epidemic sweeping our country—a “one-size-fits-all” mentality whereby the message to teenagers is that they must “fit in” in order to succeed. The Stand Up. Stand Out. Campaign seeks to smash that mold and encourage teens to be proud of their differences—what makes them unique and important to the world.

Today, that message is being spread around the world through social media. Camp Fire, a national youth organization, is launching a viral video and national campaign featuring real teens talking about the hardships of being “different” and “unique”.

“I think the most alarming thing is the way teens feel when people say they are different,” said Hannah Hasselquist, Stand Up. Stand Out. campaign manager.  “Being unique is not a disease. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s beautiful and should be celebrated. That’s the message that needs to be spread..

Anyone can participate—parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, executives, anyone! The goal is for every teen to feel confident and comfortable with themselves—to recognize and embrace everything that makes them unique, and then stand up for others making the same journey.

Camp Fire believes in the dignity and worth of every individual—every teen deserves to feel confident and happy. Helping a young person become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. It takes paying attention to what sparks a passion.  With your help, we can help teens discover the exceptional people they are.

Stand Up. Stand Out. was created by Camp Fire’s National Youth Advisory Cabinet because, as teens, they see the effect of bullying first hand. The yearlong national campaign features a series of viral videos to spread the word.

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About Camp Fire:

Camp Fire is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit youth development organizations, serving youth, teens and families in communities across the United States. Camp Fire programs are research-based, delivered where youth and families are via out-of-school time, environmental and camp, and teen service and leadership programs. Because youth want to shape the world, Camp Fire’s focus is giving youth and teens the opportunity to find their sparks, lift their voice and discover who they are. Camp Fire programs are proven to develop young peoples’ skills now so they can reach their full potential. For more information about Camp Fire, visit

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