Modi PM.Nomination should be withdrawn by BJP,for deserting Jashoda Ben : NRI’s, Indian Overseas Congress.

New York: Ashim Sinha In an affidavit submitted along with his nomination papers filed Wednesday for Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, BJP Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi declared himself as a married man after 45 years of evading truth, naming Jashoda Ben as his legal wife. He married her at the age of 17 years and abandoned her after 45 days of honeymoon. His present wife for the last 45 years is a retired teacher in Brahmanwad, just 35 KM’s from Modi’s hometown Vadnagar. “She often visits Modi’s mother and claims as his wife and mother of his daughter”, said NRI businessman Chandra Patel.

So far, Modi earlier since 2001 used to leave the column of spouse which is to be filled in an affidavit as blank ( N/A). Earlier, Indian National Congress, General Secretary Digvijay Singh had asked Modi to come clean on his marital status, but recently in Himachal Pradesh he boasted ” I am single, so have no children and would not indulge in corruption”, a justification of not being married and an endorsement to fight corruption. His new affidavit under oath has triggered a tsunami among NRI’s in USA, Canada, U.K, S. Africa and Australia, where strict laws are adhered to for Politicians on matters of personal life and spouses.

NRI’s in USA and Canada, specially from Gujarat are very disappointed with Modi, calling him a professional liar, who concealed such important facts from public life, while seeking the nomination from BJP. “BJP should withdraw his nomination as candidate for P.M. with immediate effect”, said Nalini Shah of Indian Business Woman of USA. “Not only he has challenged the India women, but should be rejected by the voters”, echoed Smriti Patel.

Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa response to his affidavit makes a mockery of the BJP, PAC, asking President Rajnath Singh, to set some high standards for their nominee, adhere to the advise of BJP Leaders Sushma Swaraj and L.K.Advani, recalling Modi as BJP-PM Nominee. Nirmal Dhillon of Akali Dal feels ashamed of such acts of deceits by BJP-National Leaders, while NRI’s being jailed in Punjab, Gujarat for concealing such acts of marriage.Aam Admi Party member Sunil Gupta called on NRI’s of Gujarat, to stand by Jashoda Ben and seek compensation from Modi, charging him with IPC under desertion laws.

IOC Gen. Secretary has written to Election Commission of India, to investigate his affidavits since 2001 and file a report, within 2 days, along with rejecting his nomination papers, under desertion laws of the Hindu Marriage Act. Alyssa Swan of US Womens Golf Association, who had met Modi in Ahmedabad, found him as a ” Flirt Chief Minister”, surpassing the Royals of India. Overseas Friends of BJP Executive members held an emergency meeting, in New Jersey, calling on Rajnath Singh, to replace Modi, with Sushma Swaraj as BJP PM Nominee.

Written by: Hardeep Dhillon

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