A Vibrant New Publishing Company in the Mind Body Spirit World – and Now Winner of Three National Awards in Two Years!


LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/29/2014) – We are proud of our low-cost paperbacks and eBooks with their beautiful cover designs and faultless editing, not to mention the most important thing – their exciting, challenging and beautifully written subjects that range from spirituality to psychology, the paranormal to health and humour, both fiction and non-fiction.

We at LOCAL LEGEND must be doing something right. Lynne Harkes’ lovely description of her natural and spiritual  journeys in Africa, SPINACH SOUP FOR THE WALLS, has just won the Gold Certificate in the national Wishing Shelf Book Awards; moreover THE QUIRKY MEDIUM, Alison Wynne-Ryder’s spine-tingling autobiography, won the Silver Certificate too! These awards, attracting hundreds of entries, are unique in being judged by a panel of professionals for their content, design and editing.

In 2012, our child prodigy author Daphne Fong also won the prestigious Beryl Bainbridge Prize for New Authors at The People’s Book Prize for Revenge of the Thirteen, written when she was just twelve.

Please take a look at our website www.local-legend.co.uk for details of these and many other beautiful books, written for this new age when so many people are searching for a deeper meaningfulness in their lives.

Look especially at our new title AURA CHILD, telling the true story of a genuine Indigo child growing up seeing everyone’s energy fields and thoughts and slipping through time to converse with people of the past. Not just a page-turning astonishing read, this book teaches us so much about the nature of the human mind.

The ethos of LOCAL LEGEND is to encourage and support brilliant new authors of spiritual and consciousness writing who may never get an opportunity with the major publishing houses. We want to be an ethical company too so, to show our commitment to that end, our editing and administrative work is done FREE. Not many can say that…

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