Parents Protect Kids from Social Networking Bullies and Predators

Bullies and Predators Out: to employ Responsive Design Compatibility to offer Browser and Computer & Operating Systems Compatibility.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/29/2014) – Unfortunately, the U.S. and world press, radio, and television daily reports that kids may be at great risk using some social networking websites. is the only social networking website for children licensed to utilize the awarded U.S. Patent for a SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING. Social networking bullies and predators kept out.

Our principal mission is to eliminate bullies and predators from social networking access to our children. Kids are safer using The redesign and development team to employ Responsive Design Compatibility to include widescreen, standard, tablet and smart phone units. Browser Compatibility to include Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Computer & Operating Systems Compatibility to include IOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Blackberry systems.

Kids and pre-teens will soon have the safest social networking website to have fun and learn. has been awarded exclusive license to U.S. Patent issued for a “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING”.

  • goal is the development of the best and most secure social network for kids anywhere! 
  • is dedicated to offer the safest website for the well-being of children and to provide exceptional fun content and an engaging platform for them to safely connect with other kids and friends.
  • is rebuilding the program and website so your children can benefit from the latest and greatest Internet security today’s technology has to offer. Want to help secure your child’s safety?  $1.00 gets your family a $25.00 exclusive Perk and more! is pleased to invite parents, grandparents, friends, and other interested parties and groups to:  or  to help ensure all our kids have a safe Internet experience.

Contact: Robert Williams

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