ChargerLeash announces manufacture partnership with Qmadix

JSN Holdings Announces Partnership Between ChargerLeash & Qmadix

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Ridgewood, New Jersey (5/30/2014)— JSN Holdings announces partnership with ChargerLeash and technology and accessories manufacturer, Qmadix.

For more than 20 years, Qmadix has provided extensive knowledge and experience in technology manufacturing. Based in Los Angeles, the company has a long-standing history of success in the manufacturing industry and has worked with some of technology’s most innovative companies. “With their history and commitment to delivering top-quality technology products, we feel we are in very good hands,” commented Brian Tedesco President, ChargerLeash.

Qmadix will not only manufacture future ChargerLeash products but also aid in its distribution efforts. Qmadix Vice President, Joey Lasko expressed excitement about the collaboration as well. “We have been very impressed with the organization as a whole and the international reach that they already have established,” Lasko stated.

ChargerLeash introduced its flagship product, a universal charge/sync charging cable with an alarm, at the most recent International CES in Las Vegas, NV. ChargerLeash is the only product on the market that meets a major consumer need: a simple, seamless solution to the dreaded “forgotten charger.”

“ChargerLeash has found a very simple yet effective solution to a problem that has seemingly plagued all users of cell phones since they were invented-–the loss of a charger. Qmadix is pleased to partner with ChargerLeash in the production and manufacturing of their unique solution for the worldwide market,” said Lasko.

About ChargerLeash

ChargerLeash is patented and marketed by JSN Holdings, a U.S.-based technology solutions company.  The ChargerLeash reflects JSN’s commitment to innovations for the electronic age.

ChargerLeash is available for distribution and purchase through local, independent retailers of consumer electronics and accessories. For more information about ChargerLeash, please visit the ChargerLeash website.

For more information about Qmadix please visit,

Contact: Lydia Henry

(301) 957-6155(301) 957-6155 

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