Duck Commander® & Buck Commander® Join Forces with CAMOPOOL™ to reveal to The World it’s 1st Realtree® Camouflage Swimming Pool’s and Spa’s

LIGHTNING RELEASES (5/30/2014) – If teaming up with Realtree® wasn’t exciting enough, CAMOPOOL™ now has a licensing partnership with Duck Commander® and Buck Commander®. With a unique take on swimming pools and spas. CAMOPOOL™ and the Commander® brands embody the importance of family entertainment and products like this will add new excitement to outdoor fun!

Your family can hop into the CHILL’N POND™, a Realtree® camouflaged family-size swimming pool that’s available in the innovative MAX-5® and XTRA®GREEN patterns, and cool off from the hot summer sun. Unlike its competitors, CAMOPOOL™ utilizes a tougher 40 mil PVC, allowing for a much longer lifespan because of its strength and durability. The pool itself features a distinctive pond shape and also comes equipped with a drain plug for easy draining after use. Perhaps its most popular addition is its two cup holders that will make an afternoon of ultimate lounging more refreshing.

Who said your hunting dogs or pet companions couldn’t enjoy a day of cooling off, splashing, or bathing in the pool as well? Designed specifically with your favorite pet friend in mind, the new Realtree® camoouflage PET POND™ will let them do just that! It’s made of puncture-proof, 50 mil PVC and has an innovative feature that lets the pool collapse in and fold up for easy storage and transportation. And to top it all off, it comes with a drain plug for easy draining and cleanup. These features alone make the camo PET POND™ a must-have!

The key feature for these products is their patent-pending technology that uses a layered camouflage pattern to conceal debris, while also helping the pool blend into its environment.

Lastly, why not have the same technology for a product you can enjoy during hunting season or those cold winter months? We are very excited for the future debut of the world’s first camouflage inflatable spa that can be set up in 10 minutes. It will seat four and has an 88-jet system that keeps the massaging water moving constantly. You can really turn up the heat in this spa with temperatures reaching up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This mix makes for easy relaxation of the mind, body and spirit while enjoying the outdoors. Stay connected for the latest details on these products that will be coming soon in 2014. For more information go to

“We didn’t invent the pool; we just reinvented how you see it. Now you don’t!”

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