GoPet Electric Scooter Increases Productivity in Warehouses

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Houston, TX – 05/30/2014 – One of the biggest challenges facing large warehouses and distribution centers today is lost efficiency due to the vast amount of space that workers need to traverse each day. Not only is time lost walking through large facilities, but the added miles are also hard on the employees’ bodies. This “walking fatigue” results in both lowered productivity and costly mistakes.

Warehouse managers are looking for mobile solutions that won’t break the bank. General Managers such as Lona Smith at Hallmark’s Kansas City distribution center are choosing GoPet scooters as an economic solution to a growing problem for their large distribution centers. Steve, the facility manager of a large food distributor reports that “With GoPet, our staff can move much faster in the warehouse. One charge and they will run all day. It’s much better than walking.”

GoPet is a three-wheel, personal electric transportation scooter that can travel 24 miles on a dime’s worth of charge. According to founder Helen Fu, “GoPet scooters can go up to three times faster than an average person’s walking speed. GoPet gets small jobs done quickly and with ease. All of our warehouse clients have saved time and money using GoPet as a personal transport.”

The powerful 48 volt, 350 watt front hub direct drive motor allows it to go faster and further on a single charge. When not in use, the battery will hold its charge for weeks. Unlike other warehouse vehicles, GoPet is eco-friendly and ADA compliant. Its compact size allows it to go anywhere without blocking the drive aisles.

GoPet’s enhanced features solve the specific personal carrier problems of large warehouses. Carrying workers up to 300 pounds sitting or standing, it can also tow up to 400 pounds. With a detachable front basket and a back storage box, it’s perfect for transporting paperwork or small packages.

For warehouse managers, the return-on-investment is simple. If a shift manager, inventory control clerk and a maintenance worker share a GoPet scooter, each saves an average of one hour per day. The GoPet scooter can pay for itself in just one month. According to Smith, “Our GoPets save hours each week in lost productivity.”

At a cost of $1999, a GoPet scooter is thousands less than a golf cart and is quickly becoming the personal transport of choice for warehouses today. Watch this video to find out more.

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About GoPet

MyGoPet, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for GoPet Scooters for North America. GoPet ships from two locations with facilities in Portland, OR and Houston, TX. It has also been used by distribution centers, police departments, security firms, resorts, RV owners, college students, touring companies and more. Designed to get people moving efficiently, economically and safely, GoPet is the leader in personal, green transportation as an earth-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

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