Stop County “Bribes” to California State Judges Now: Here’s How!

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Los Angeles (6/28/2014)- Richard I. Fine, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of the Campaign for Judicial Integrity (CFJI) stated: “Presently, approximately 34 of the 58 California counties still make illegal payments [“bribes”] to approximately 90% of California’s current judges. The LA County 2014-2015 Proposed Budget (Vol. 1, pp. 58.1-4) shows approximately $29 million in payments to 430 state judges in the LA Superior Court judges as “judicial benefits” in addition to the judges’ state salary of over $181,000.00 per year plus state benefits. The Proposed Budget admits these payments are imposed by the judges on the people appearing before them in cases at page 58.1: “Revenue from court fines and fees is used to partially finance the MOE obligation to the State and other court-related expenditures [payments to judges in addition to their state compensation].

Fine continued: “The U.S. Supreme Court case of Tumey v. Ohio prohibits judges being paid from fines and fees that they assess on people appearing before them. Federal and State criminal laws prohibit a party appearing before a judge [such as the county] to pay money to the judge, i.e., a “bribe”.”    

Fine added: “Visit to see Counties paying “bribes” to judges. In 2009, California enacted SBX 2 11 giving 90% of California’s judge’s immunity from California criminal prosecution for taking illegal payments [“bribes”] from California counties and courts appearing before them in cases. Watch how this judicial corruption affects you.!vote-for-justice-videos/c6yn 

Fine concluded: “By July 1, you can stop county “bribes” to judges. Contact the supervisors of each County giving “bribes” to judges identified on the CFJI website. Demand the supervisors eliminate the direct or indirect “bribes” to judges in their 2014-2015 County Budget. You will find the telephone numbers and e mail addresses on the county websites.”     

The CFJI is a non-partisan grassroots movement and organization dedicated to eradicating judicial corruption, restoring integrity to the judiciary and regaining the constitutional rights to access to the courts, due process and a fair trial. Dr. Fine is available for TV and radio interviews and to speak at events and meetings. Contact Dr. Fine at:      

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