Winter Garden Teens Can Contact New Helpline for Addiction Recovery

Young adults in Winter Garden, FL can now call an informative new helpline designed to assist adolescents in locating a reliable youth rehab facility.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/29/2014) – Teenagers may think they know it all, but when it comes to using drugs and alcohol, they can actually be pretty clueless. Adolescents in Winter Garden, FL can fall into the same pattern of addiction as anyone else but they rarely know where to turn for assistance when they recognize their problem is getting out of control. Thanks to an innovative helpline for teens in Winter Garden, FL, there is a place for dependable guidance and support for finding a youth rehab facility which can help a young person achieve sobriety.

The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (941) 256-2658 any time during the day or night and teenagers are urged to call as soon as they get a chance. After calling the helpline, adolescents can visit the helpline’s website at and learn more about how valuable drug and alcohol recovery can be.

Any teenage drug and alcohol abuser can tell you that asking for help is one of the more difficult parts of the process so picking up the phone and calling the troubled teen helpline right away is a huge step in the recovery process.

About the troubled teen helpline:

Adolescents in Winter Garden, FL can fall victim to substance abuse just like anyone else but finding recovery help can be difficult. Troubled teens can call the helpline at (941) 256-2658 or visit the website at for more information about locating a real youth rehab facility.

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