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LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/28/2014) - Diane Shawe, Chief Executive of Academy of Vocational & Professional Training Ltd. (AVPT) eyes another award to add to her long list of accolades. In their FSB entry form the company said that they knew their business was going to be an innovation success when students started joining them from around the world … [Read more...]

Troubled Teens in Trinity, FL Can Call Innovative New Helpline for Assistance

A new helpline for troubled teens in Trinity, FL is providing options for recovery help. LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/28/2014) - Until recently, there were few options for adolescents with addiction problems in Trinity, FL to find help for their disease.  But thanks to a new local troubled teen helpline, young addicts have a forum to voice their … [Read more...]

Troubled Teens in The Villages, FL Have New Substance Abuse Recovery Help Options

A new helpline for young adults in The Villages, FL is offering options for substance abuse recovery. LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/28/2014) - Many adolescents in Sumter County have come to the realization they need help for a drug or alcohol substance abuse. But most of them don’t know where to turn for help.  But a new helpline for troubled … [Read more...]

Teenagers in Tangerine, FL One Step Closer to Recovery Thanks to New Helpline

Adolescents in Tangerine, FL can now call a troubled teen helpline to learn more about attending a youth rehab facility. LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/28/2014) - Finding a reliable youth rehab facility can be difficult, especially for adolescents in Tangerine, FL who need some assistance with their recovery. Many teens can turn to friends or family for … [Read more...]

Adolescents in Tavares, FL Getting Assistance from a New Recovery Helpline

Troubled teens in Tavares, FL can now contact a new helpline in order to find a reliable youth rehab facility that can assist with sobriety. LIGHTNING RELEASES (6/28/2014) - Many teenagers are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but not many understand the true consequences of letting drugs and alcohol take control. When an adolescent needs help … [Read more...]

Sumatra, FL Teenagers Struggling with Addiction Can Now Contact New Helpline

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 -- Many people think of drug and alcohol addiction as a uniquely adult problem. Unfortunately, teenagers in Sumatra, FL are equally as susceptible to substance abuse and addiction as adults are. Teens in Sumatra, FL may feel as though there is nowhere for them to turn to when they realize their drug and alcohol use is … [Read more...]

Celebrated Works of New York Street Photographer Martin Elkort to Be Spotlighted With a Documentary Film Screening in Los Angeles, August 15, 2014.

LIGHTING RELEASES 06/27/14- The work of American photographer Martin Elkort will be showcased this August 15 with a screening of a documentary about his life and work at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. Primarily known for his early black and white street photography in New York during the 1940s and 1950s post-Depression era, Elkort’s … [Read more...]

Super Lawyers Announces Jennifer Peddy Berg as Southwest Rising Star Two Years in a Row

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Scottsdale, AZ (6/27/2014)– Jennifer Peddy Berg, owner and managing partner of The Peddy Berg Law Firm, PLLC, was honored for the second year in a row as a Super Lawyers 2014 Rising Star for the Southwest region. The prestigious distinction reinforces Scottsdale Attorney Peddy Berg's ongoing status as one of the top … [Read more...]

Adolescents in Southchase, FL One Step Closer to Recovery Thanks to New Helpline

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 -- Discovering a reliable teen recovery center can be challenging, especially for teenagers in Southchase, FL who need some assistance with their recovery. Many teens can turn to friends or family for help with their addiction problems, but those individuals are not trained substance abuse therapists so they can … [Read more...]

New Helpline Provides Hope for Troubled Teens in Riverview, FL

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 -- Many teenagers in Southwest Florida who struggle with a drug or alcohol substance abuse feel they have nowhere to turn for help.  Unfortunately most never receive the proper treatment for their addiction issues. Some are in that rebellious phase where they do the opposite anyone tells them.  To help … [Read more...]