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Self-development Book ~ Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!

Self-development Book ~Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) - This powerful and insightful book offers a lifetime worth of information. These fifty-two principles with practical tools will re-ignite your passion to pursue your purpose in life. Using … [Read more...]

Scientific Breakthroughs in Inter-species Research Promise a Revolution in Dentistry and Medicine

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) - Filmmaker Kit Farrell has begun production on Who Am I?, a feature documentary to explore transgenic experimentation currently underway in labs around the world. Fascinated by the potential for cures as well as the possibility of uncontrollable consequences, Ms. Farrell is seeking to interview scientists, … [Read more...]

Need for Real-Time Complex Event Processing Is the Norm for Big Data Developers, New Evans Data Survey Shows

LIGHTNING RELEASES --SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 29, 2014 - In a recent global survey of software developers working on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, 71% said they have a need in their applications for real-time complex event processing more than half the time. Batch processing, as used by Hadoop, was fine all the time for only 16% of the developers, … [Read more...]

Youth Drug and Alcohol Abusers in Wadsworth, OH Can Call New Helpline for Support

A substance abuse rehab helpline in Wadsworth can offer dependable assistance for any teen who needs help with a drug or alcohol problem. LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/29/14 - There are thousands of teenagers in Wadsworth, OH but unfortunately some of them struggle with a significant drug and alcohol abuse problem. Despite the good intentions of all … [Read more...]

Troubled teens Victory, OH Offers Substance Abuse Recovery Information for Troubled Teens

A new helpline in Victory, OH is offering hope for teenagers in search of teen recovery. LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/29/14 -- Teenager addiction has long been a serious problem in Victory, OH. Countless adolescents struggle with a drug or alcohol abuse every single day. There used to be very little information was available for juveniles seeking to … [Read more...]

FDA Approves Revolutionary Dry Skin Cream Now Formulated with Sunscreen

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/31/14 --MONTROSE CA The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the release of Gloves In A Bottle, now formulated with Sunscreen. Already a choice of dermatologists and pharmacists around the world, the new dry skin care cream takes its place as one of the premier dry skin lotions available to the public. The … [Read more...]

Dry Skin Alert: New Skin Cream Surprises Industry In Independent Laboratory Study

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/31/14 --BEVERLY HILLS, CA How well do dry skin care lotions fare against each other when tested for the ability to keep one’s skin moisturized, especially during our constantly changing weather conditions? A new study, which included the shielding lotion Skin MD Natural had surprising results according to Germaine Muniz … [Read more...]

Bankcoin Reserve Officially Prices Bankcoin

LIGHTNING RELEASES -- Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – August 1st, 2014 –   Bankcoin Reserve announced today that crypto currency Bankcoin is officially priced at the 1oz gold price approx. $1303US – an industry first designed to reduce volatility for traders, build investor confidence, and appeal to the broader … [Read more...]

Your Legal Rights When You Have Been in a Serious Car Accident

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/31/14 -- It is terrifying.  The sound is deafening.  The smells are awful.  And all you feel is horrible pain.This is the experience of people when involved in a serious car accident.  After the crash, you have so many questions.  Where are they going to take me?  Who is going to care for my kids … [Read more...]

Tabernus Receives Military Approval for Solid State Drive Erasure Solution

LIGHTNING RELEASES -- TX, August, 2014- Data Erasure software provider, Tabernus, has announced that the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MOD) group has formally approved the use of Tabernus software for erasing and complete removal of data for solid state drives (SSD).Defence InfoSec Product Co-Operation Group UK (DIPCOG) approves products and … [Read more...]