Bankcoin Reserve Officially Prices Bankcoin

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – August 1st, 2014 –   Bankcoin Reserve announced today that crypto currency Bankcoin is officially priced at the 1oz gold price approx. $1303US – an industry first designed to reduce volatility for traders, build investor confidence, and appeal to the broader community. This is a major move for the crypto currency world as Bankcoin was specifically designed to address the issues associated with crypto currencies, particularly volatility.  The move is expected to increase mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. The decision follows market testing over the last 10 weeks that revealed strong interest in a gold price-based crypto-currency.

“Bankcoin is not just any crypto currency,” said Gary McAlister Terry, Chairman of the Bankcoin Reserve. “It is coded BANK for good reason. This is a crypto coin that people all around the world can identify with immediately.”  Mr. McAlister notes that he was not the developer of Bankcoin. Rather, he mined the coin. However, after seeing how much time the financial industry is putting into Bitcoin, he knew Bankcoin could support stakeholder efforts and address their concerns.

Banks, financial institutions, investors, brokers, clearing houses, traders, including exchanges and all those supportive of crypto currency now have a store of value and a stable price which can be used to do business.   Bankcoin will provide the store of value part of the equation while Bitcoin remains the medium of exchange that can grow exponentially in value, as it should, to cover the huge demand that is going to be placed on it in the coming years.

Bankcoin is still available from miners at miner’s prices until they run out on the following exchanges:

Company  Information:

The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) does not sell Bankcoin; it was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism which we have delivered. The Bankcoin Reserve has 10M Bankcoin as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin network. The Bankcoin Reserve is a self-regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.


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