Need for Real-Time Complex Event Processing Is the Norm for Big Data Developers, New Evans Data Survey Shows

LIGHTNING RELEASES –SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 29, 2014 – In a recent global survey of software developers working on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, 71% said they have a need in their applications for real-time complex event processing more than half the time. Batch processing, as used by Hadoop, was fine all the time for only 16% of the developers, while twenty-seven percent said they use real-time complex event processing all of the time. The survey of over 400 developers working with Big Data and Advanced Analytics was released in July of 2014 and delved into the practices, plans and attitudes of those developers.

Another highlight was the accelerating need for storage. Over a third of the developers thought the overall size of their companies’ data stores would grow by more than 75% during the coming year, and nearly 15% thought it would more than double.

“Hadoop’s batch processing model has worked well for several years,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “But the demands and challenges of Big Data is our current world means real-time event processing is becoming more necessary, which is why Apache Storm and other commercial CEP products are being welcomed into the Big Data landscape.”

The new Big Data and Advanced Analytics survey includes topics such as Barriers and Drivers of Big Data, Platforms and Tools, Advanced Analytics Tools and Services, Real-time Event Processing, Data Visualization and Data Modeling, Database technologies, Big Data and the Cloud, Big Data and Internet of Things, and more See the compete table of contents and sample pages here:

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