Scientific Breakthroughs in Inter-species Research Promise a Revolution in Dentistry and Medicine

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) – Filmmaker Kit Farrell has begun production on Who Am I?, a feature documentary to explore transgenic experimentation currently underway in labs around the world. Fascinated by the potential for cures as well as the possibility of uncontrollable consequences, Ms. Farrell is seeking to interview scientists, doctors and patients involved with transgenic stem cell research and treatment in humans, no matter how advanced or preliminary.

Ethical, moral, and financial concerns along with a general fear of man-made change are frequently at odds with scientific innovation and the evolution of medical research. Says Farrell, “We are at the threshold of major breakthroughs in inter-species genetic engineering. We have the ability to save lives, cure diseases or alternatively, create personal and environmental disasters as a result of experimentation gone wrong. What are the ethical boundaries? Mistakes happen in nature and in science – is there a difference?”

Shark stem cell recipient Joe Howard in the documentary film “Pandora’s Hope.”

Ms. Farrell’s most recent film, a documentary entitled Pandora’s Hope: We’ll See What the Future Brings provided the inspiration for her latest venture. Pandora’s Hope explores, among other things, genetic modification in agricultural and biological organisms (GMOs) and growing trends in open source science. The film focuses on current scientific activity, in particular the transplantation of shark stem cells in a human jaw for tooth regeneration. Pandora’s Hope is currently screening in film festivals.

In her research for Who Am I? Ms. Farrell is uncovering scientists working on ground-breaking proprietary research, many in obscurity for fear of retaliation. Not only is their work frowned upon by the societies in which they live, but often their financing is fragile. The United States policy under President George W. Bush created a pervasive attitude that all stem cell research is against God’s will. The banning of research with embryonic stem cells effectively set back America’s efforts to lead the world in medical advances. Consequently inter-species stem cell research in the U.S. has been stigmatized and many of the scientific efforts conducted are clandestine in nature. Research in other countries is poised to overtake America’s lead, as legalities differ from country to country. No matter where the work is taking place, Ms. Farrell promises to maintain interviewees’ anonymity if so requested.
Ms. Farrell’s recent interview with RMN Stars, “Filming is Underway for Kit Farrell’s Scientific Thriller” outlines more of her motivation and challenges in making this film. To follow her progress on the film, visit the kitfarrellfilms Tumblr blog.

Interested parties are requested to send a brief summary of their projects and experiences, no matter how preliminary, to Kit Farrell at thekitfarrell @

Ms. Farrell is available to discuss her research and objectives further. 

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