Self-development Book ~ Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!

Self-development Book ~Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) – This powerful and insightful book offers a lifetime worth of information. These fifty-two principles with practical tools will re-ignite your passion to pursue your purpose in life. Using principles starting with letter A through Z (two principles per letter), the author makes it easy to remember these principles & apply them daily.

If you feel hopeless, if you’ve lost your passion to live and your life seems stagnant, this book will help you jump-start your life. If you’re just doing “okay” and want to excel, this book will help you reach the next level in your life, your business and in reaching your dreams.

Emelia Adjei is a mom-preneur, self-development coach, author, emerging motivational speaker and philanthropist. She’s a Christian; very kingdom minded and passionate about spreading the goodness and greatness of God.

Emelia migrated to the United States from Ghana, West Africa with hopes and dreams for a better life than the emotional abuse she endured at home. She overcame many challenges, including near-homelessness, but trusted in God to bring her through. She worked as a nanny and cleaned homes to save money for her education, attended a two year college and earned an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems. She later earned a Bachelor’s Degree and then a Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Global Management. She worked for major corporations and Fortune 500 companies, gaining extensive and innovative business skills. Once she decided to walk in her purpose, she left the corporate world to pursue her calling as a self development coach and mentor. 

Despite many setbacks in her life (including a debilitating health condition that left her depressed for years), her faith in God helped her to regain the strength to push forward and stay optimistic. Emelia draws from her personal and professional experiences; she offers practical principles and strategies to help people break through the barriers in their lives and make their dreams come true.

 Emelia is thankful and humbled by the opportunities and blessings God has given her. Her goal is to inspire, inform, transform and make a difference in the lives of others. 

Accelerate To Glory: A To Z Principles To Success in Life is available now on Amazon: $14.95 print | $3.99 e-book      

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