24/7 Lending Group Review – How They Have Become The ‘Go-To’ Service for Bad Credit People

LIGHTNING RELEASES 08/27/14 – If you are someone with less than perfect credit, you may already know how difficult it can be to locate a reliable online loan service that delivers what they promise. Many online websites prey on those in desperate times of financial need, sending them to site after site where they are asked to repeatedly submit very personal, sensitive information, with the end result being rejection accompanied by an unbelievable amount of SPAM email for every type of financial offer under the sun. Or even worse, endless phone calls from foreigners, claiming that they have been approved for their request, but that they must insure their loan by sending money to them up-front via Western Union. In the end, there is no loan and the monies are gone. This is called an ‘advance fee loan scam’ and has been around for years.

So, how can one feel safe about achieving financing online? Due diligence! We recently scoured the Internet to see if we can identify some true ‘good guys’ in the loan industry. One site we kept coming across was 247lendinggroup.com. They advertise that they can provide up-to $35,000 with no credit checks to people of all good and bad credit types. Sounds real good…but we needed to find out for ourselves if this company is for real. So we did our own research and put together this review below. The first thing we noticed is they have a very strong presence with several of major online review sites. They encompass a rating of 9.4 out of 10 with TrustPilot (290 reviews), 5 out of 5 with HighYa (21 reviews) and 4 out of 5 with Reviewopedia (70 reviews). Many of these reviews are short and sweet, while others go into great detail about their experience; repeating extreme gratitude for the service received. These are some pretty strong numbers/indicators and should establish a high level of comfort for anyone considering applying.  

What are their requirements?
In order to apply for a loan through 24/7 Lending Group, you must meet four basic criteria:

    At least 18 years of age,
    A citizen of the United States,
    Actively employed, or receiving a regular income (e.g. disability, retirement, etc.), and
    An active checking account.

What about the 24/7 Lending Group Loan Process?
You will be asked up-front for some basic contact information like your name, address, email and phone number. Your income info is also requested. Nothing crazy, just your current type of employment, how much you earn and whether or not you can verify your income if asked. Loan amount and purpose is also an important part at this time. They also ask for your credit score which is seemingly important since it is highlighted that ‘applications are routed based on today’s score’.

247LendingGroup.com advertises no credit checks. How do they do this?
We emailed 247 at support@247lendinggroup.com to learn more about their no credit check process and got a surprisingly very quick response from their CEO Jordan Robbins. He indicated that they work with many different lenders. He continued that ‘some of the lenders we work with only cater to good credit people, others specialize in financing for bad credit individuals and many that can help all credit types. Each lender only wants to receive applicants that they know they can work with and have requested we route apps to them based on the consumer’s self-inputted credit score as well as a few other identifiers like loan amount, state they reside in, etc. Here is how the no credit check piece works….in some cases lenders are able to issue pre-approvals without the performance of a credit check at all and others can issue a full out approval by only performing a soft pull of your credit. A soft pull has no impact on your credit score or rating at all. So, regardless of what credit category you fall into, you can attempt for financing with 247 Lending Group without there being any hit on your credit whatsoever! We consider this very unique to the lending space and take pride in providing a service that is not matched by any other loan service out there!’.

Wrapping it up…
During our research we saw a lot of questions posted by consumers asking, ‘Is 24/7 Lending Group a scam?’. Based on our research, they are not a scam and but very much a legitimate business. We did notice a few BBB complaints as well as a RipOffReport file, but saw that they were all responded to very quickly by Mr. Robbins and appeared to be non-issues that in the end were not related to their business or business practices. We asked Mr. Robbins about these complaints and he confidently said ‘we process several thousand applications per day. Regardless if you are selling electronics, booking hotels, or offering some type of service, complaints are going to happen when generating that sort of volume. It is just part of the whole equation.’ Makes sense. So, would we apply for a loan with 247LendingGroup.com…absolutely!

Visit their web site at: http://www.247LendingGroup.com

E -mail Address: Support@247LendingGroup.com

Mailing Address: 24×7 Lending Group, Inc.14460 New Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 314Raleigh, North Carolina 27614

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