A better way to treat pain than using ‘condom oil ‘

LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/31/2014) – Many elderly Zimbabweans believe rubbing condoms on their joints eases pain from arthritis, reports the country’s Sunday paper, The Standard Health worker, Betty Chitsiga from the Murambanda district, told the newspaper that demand was so great her clinic had actually run out of the contraceptives. 

What the Zimbabweans don’t know is that there is an alternative oil from Australia that will relieve their arthritis permanently.

The Outback Series, endorsed by Australian Wildlife Expert and Documentary filmmaker, David Ireland, uses Ancient Aboriginal bush medicine, combining Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil with extracts of Vanilla, to provide a vasodilation effect which improves circulation, relieves pain and reduces inflammation all in one application.

The totally natural product is sold in throughout Australia, Asia and the North America. David Ireland says “ the ancient Aboriginal people of Australia don’t even have a word for arthritis, they don’t need one. They have known the secrets of Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil for thousands of years. And now my friends at Pain Away have combined the ancient wisdom with modern manufacturing technology to bring this wonderful product to the world.” 

Pain Away LLC, the Kentucky based company responsible for North American distribution, has offered The South African government a free trial of over 100,000 sachets of Outback Pain Relief after the health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi spoke out about the problem, urging his native people not to waste their time trying to us the condoms for pain relief.

“There is “no scientific evidence” to suggest condom lubricant can ease arthritis pain. We are appealing to members of the public not to use condoms for any other reason than that for which they are intended,” he said

Pain Away CEO, Mark Linford, said the company would launch approximately 120,000 free pain sachets to the South African government once they get the go ahead from Mr. Motsoaldei. “We recognise that this current process is consuming valuable resources in South Africa that are meant for the prevention of HIV and we would really like to show the people that there is a better, more effective way to control pain.

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