South Florida Tax Attorney Ross Greenberg Opens New Tax Law Office in Boca Raton, FL

Tax attorney Ross Greenberg from the Greenberg Law Group, P.A. has opened a new law office in Boca Raton to help clients resolve their tax problems.

LIGHTING RELEASES 09/30/14 Countless people throughout Boca Raton are currently struggling with tax debt, facing penalties from the IRS or need valuable tax advice. The Greenberg Law Group, P.A. has opened to a new office in Boca Raton to provide legal counsel and representation for those who need to resolve their tax problems and IRS issues. The firm is headed by tax attorney Ross Greenberg, who has successfully helped clients find solutions to their tax problems in Fort Lauderdale. Greenberg and his firm are now expanding their services to Boca Raton.

Tax problems can happen to even the most responsible people. Whether it’s an IRS audit, tax lien, or wage garnishment, Greenberg uses his extensive knowledge and experience in tax law to help clients regain their financial freedom. As a former IRS attorney, Greenberg has sat on both sides of the table and understands how the government conducts its collection’s process. By having a reputable tax lawyer looking out for their best interests, clients are given the best opportunity to resolve their issues.

Many people attempt to deal with their tax issues on their own. Because most people do not understand the intricacies of tax law, they are often unprepared when dealing with the IRS. An experienced tax attorney can help protect the rights of a client and provide a skilled negotiator on their behalf. To learn more about Greenberg Law Group, P.A., call (561) 910-0972 or visit the Boca Raton tax attorney website at for more information.

About Greenberg Law Group, P.A.:

Founded originally in Weston, FL, the Greenberg Law Group, P.A. is dedicated to helping clients resolve their tax problems and issues with the IRS. The firm has now opened a new office in Boca Raton, providing the same high quality of representation as well as legal counsel. For questions about tax law or to learn how a tax attorney can help you, contact the firm at (561) 910-0972 or visit them on the web at

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