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HiQ Solar Receives “Best Venture” Award at NREL Industry Growth Forum

LIGHTNING RELEASES Santa Clara, Calif. 31st October, 2014: HiQ Solar, receives top honors at the NREL Industry Growth Forum. The event, in Denver Colorado, brought together 30 finalists from a field of 150 applying clean energy technology companies to compete before a panel of experienced investor judges. Each company was graded on factors … [Read more...]

End of Daylight Savings Means Darker Evenings Ahead

Keep a handy light with you in the dark hours with the Power Tek Flash HeadlampLIGHTNING RELEASES 10/31/14 --Power Tek is on the campaign trail this November to let people know that just because you lose an hour of daylight this month does not mean that you have to give up hours of productivity. Their lightweight Headlamp offers hours of brightness … [Read more...]

Groundwidgets Joins “The Conext Project” for Mobile On-Demand and Real-Time Affiliate Connectivity for Ground Transportation Operators

SIMPLEPR [Atlantic City, NJ] October 31, 2014 – This week, it was announced that  ground transportation operators utilizing Livery Coach, FASTTRAK Cloud, The Hudson Group and SedanMagic, have real-time access to vehicle location data, intra-network communications and on-demand booking capabilities delivered via a new system-agnostic … [Read more...]

Top Ground Transportation Industry Software Providers Form “The Conext Project” for Mobile On-Demand and Real-Time Communications Connectivity

SIMPLEPR [Atlantic City, NJ] October 31, 2014 – For the first time ever, a number of industry dispatch system providers have put aside their competitive concerns to collaborate to bring emerging technologies to the industry. Today, ground transportation operators utilizing Livery Coach, FASTTRAK Cloud, The Hudson Group and SedanMagic, have … [Read more...]

Brazil’s Piatã Farmers Sweep Top Awards at 100th Cup of Excellence® Competition

LIGHTNING RELEASES Missoula, MT USA (October 31, 2014) - Farmers from the Piatã producing region of Brazil swept the top five places at the milestone 100th Cup of Excellence competition held at the University of Viçosa last week. The winner, Cândido Vladimir Ladeira Rosa, thrilled by a score of 94.05 points, jumped out of his … [Read more...]

Apopka, FL Teenagers Struggling with Addiction Can Now Contact New Helpline

Troubled teenagers in Apopka, FL can now receive reliable help, advice, and guidance for their drug and alcohol abuse issues thanks to a new helpline.LIGHTNING RELEASES -- Many people think of drug and alcohol addiction as a uniquely adult problem. Unfortunately, teenagers in Apopka, FL are equally as susceptible to substance abuse and … [Read more...]

Troubled Teens Living in Palm Valley, FL Can Now Contact Helpline for Recovery Assistance

Teenagers in Palm Valley, FL can now contact a helpful new helpline designed to assist troubled teens in finding a teen recovery center.LIGHTNING RELEASES -- There was a time when finding reliable teen recovery in St. Johns County, was a difficult challenge. Fortunately the new Palm Valley trouble teen helpline has been established to provide a … [Read more...]

Adolescents in Spring Hill, FL Getting Assistance from a New Recovery Helpline

Troubled teens in Spring Hill, FL can now contact a new helpline in order to find a reliable juvenile rehabilitation program that can assist with sobriety. LIGHTNING RELEASES -- Many teenagers are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but not many understand the true consequences of letting drugs and alcohol take control. When an adolescent … [Read more...]

Vehicle Inspection Systems to Launch New E-Store and Products at 2014 SEMA Show

LIGHTNING RELEASES 10/31/14 — (Orlando, FL) Vehicle Inspection Systems is happy to announce the launch of their newest online store, and the introduction of the Leek-Seeker to the North American market. VIS will be launching Everything Polish at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV as well as showcasing the VIS-Polish … [Read more...]

AmpliTech Announces Hiring of JP Fortune Group (JPF) to Expand Business Operations & Shareholder Awareness

LIGHTNING RELEASES 10/31/14 -- AmpliTech Group, Inc. (AMPG) ("AmpliTech" or the "Company"), a trusted provider of RF/microwave, and low noise amplifiers for critical and high-reliability, wireless and commercial applications, is pleased to announce it has engaged JP Fortune Group. JPF is one of North America's premier small-cap advisory firms. … [Read more...]