End of Daylight Savings Means Darker Evenings Ahead

Keep a handy light with you in the dark hours with the Power Tek Flash Headlamp

LIGHTNING RELEASES 10/31/14 –Power Tek is on the campaign trail this November to let people know that just because you lose an hour of daylight this month does not mean that you have to give up hours of productivity. Their lightweight Headlamp offers hours of brightness to help get tasks done.

“One of the common rationales for having daylight savings time is for public safety,” states Jonathan Barraclough, President of Power Tek. “The irony is that the few weeks after daylight savings ends there are widespread reports of accidents from people trying to do their same tasks under different conditions. Many of the reported accidents involve motor vehicles, but many others are preventable around the house tasks that people forget to watch out for because they are so accustomed to doing them.”

During the post-daylight savings adjustment period, and for the following darker months of winter, Power Tek recommends keeping their Headlamp nearby for all tasks, from the regular to the emergency. Whether it is making sure Fido gets his nightly walk (and you can manage the leash and the scooper with the hands-free headlamp) or running out to check on the electrical box, the Power Tek Flash Headlamp is handy to have around.

The Power Tek Flash Premium CREE LED Headlamp with 168 Lumens Ultra Bright Long Distance Spotlight Capability and Super Long Battery Life is available in the Amazon Marketplace for $24.95 (50% discount off of the original $50.00 price) at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M28EGD0

Power Tek, based in Tehachapi, California, has been producing LED lighting products for over ten years. The company is branching out their ecommerce presence by offering their products in the Amazon marketplace. They work to combine innovation with reliability to create products that add value to their customers’ lives.

CONTACT: Jonathan Barraclough, Email: support@powerteksystems.com, Website: http://www.powerteksystems.com/

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