Groundwidgets Joins “The Conext Project” for Mobile On-Demand and Real-Time Affiliate Connectivity for Ground Transportation Operators

SIMPLEPR [Atlantic City, NJ] October 31, 2014 – This week, it was announced that  ground transportation operators utilizing Livery Coach, FASTTRAK Cloud, The Hudson Group and SedanMagic, have real-time access to vehicle location data, intra-network communications and on-demand booking capabilities delivered via a new system-agnostic neutral communications platform through the formation of The coNext Project.

The CoNext Project is pleased to announce the addition of GroundWidgets to the alliance of software providers working with The Project.  The addition of GroundWidgets adds an additional 500 operators, 10,000+ cars and 12.5 million rides to the already impressive previously announced numbers.

The CoNext Project now brings together over 1,530 Operators, 41,525+ Cars and 80.5 million Rides each year for the ground transportation providers represented by the CoNext system providers, according to Amir Zafar, founder and CEO of GRiDD, the technology company who developed the neutral platform.

This new connectivity will eliminate the need for ground transportation operators to call in reservations to their affiliates. With a push of a button, they will now be able to send jobs electronically to any operator – regardless of their dispatch system – and they can get real-time ride statuses, book changes, and send rides to an affiliate regardless of the software they are using, thus drastically reducing the overhead of their dispatch and reservation operations.

This is the first time operators from different software providers can communicate directly through utilizing a vendor neutral network technology in real-time.  

We are pleased to be able to add the GroundWidgets operators, using the LMS, SantaCruz, and ULS back office software to this open network,” says Amir Zafar, CEO of GRiDD Technologies, the developer of the open network connection between all of the software systems.

Apurva Patel, CEO of GroundWidgets, is excited to be part of this project.  “It has always been in the best interest of our industry to have a single, neutral communications network” he explained.  Mr. Patel continued, “chauffeured service passengers are part of a global community, and we have to make sure that our clients are seamlessly connected to this global network.  Participation in The CoNext Project means that we are adding a new level of real-time connectivity where operators partner with each other and are positioned to extend the duty of care their corporate customers expect”, he said.

In addition to the connectivity, operators will now be able to elect to go on demand when they have excess capacity.  The on-demand feature will be at the discretion of the company not the driver.

The CoNext Project will launch with a celebratory “toast” at an event at the Chauffeur Driven Show on November 2, 2014 at 8:00 pm in the Diamond Ballroom at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ.  All are invited to attend to help us celebrate and learn more about this ground breaking connectivity.

During the show, demos of the platform, including the on-demand functionality, can be seen at Sunday night’s event and information will be available at the participating software provider booths during the show.


About The CoNext Project

The CoNext Project offers ground transportation providers with access to both connectivity and on- demand functionality across multiple networks, via a ground-breaking collaboration of dispatch  and technology system providers.  Visit or email for more information.


About GroundWidgets

GroundWidgets is an entrepreneurial technology company driven and managed by founding developers and technologists.  GroundWidgets is exclusively focused on consulting and development of applications for the ground transportation industry harnessing the collective institutional knowledge of its founders and their experience of over 25 years in the ground transportation industry.  For further information: you are invited to visit our home at, or email us at

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