Troubled Teens Living in Palm Valley, FL Can Now Contact Helpline for Recovery Assistance

Teenagers in Palm Valley, FL can now contact a helpful new helpline designed to assist troubled teens in finding a teen recovery center.

LIGHTNING RELEASES — There was a time when finding reliable teen recovery in St. Johns County, was a difficult challenge. Fortunately the new Palm Valley trouble teen helpline has been established to provide a valuable resource for young adults seeking to overcome their drug and alcohol substance abuse. The groundbreaking helpline is designed to provide a valuable forum for teens and parents to find professional teen recovery.

The helpline can be reached at (904) 474-3220 during any time of the day or night. Teens and their parents are encouraged to call as soon as soon as possible. In addition to the helpline, adolescents can visit the helpline’s website at for more comprehensive information on the treatment programs available at teenager treatment facilities.

Sometimes asking for help can be the most difficult part of entering a teen recovery program. The helpline gives parents and teens the opportunity to speak with certified substance abuse professionals and voice their questions and concerns about addiction and teen recovery programs.

About the troubled teen helpline:

The troubled teen helpline in Palm Valley, FL is designed to provide a crucial forum for teens and their parent who are seeking professional teen recovery care. Helpline operators are always available to provide valuable information, guidance and advice for teenagers in need of finding a professional teen treatment center. The helpline can be reached at (904) 474-3220 during any time of the day or visit the website at for more information about locating a real teen recovery center.

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