Popular Sleep Mask Back In Stock

LIGHTNING RELEASES (11/27/2014) -Family owned business Chiara Bella Healthcare which has its headquarters in Fremont, CA found itself red faced recently when the company spent two weeks’ with their popular ‘Elusive Dreams’ sleep masks out of stock! Co-founder and media contact for the business, Ashleigh Stevenson admits that the sleep mask proved so popular that the owners of the business were caught ‘with their pants down’! She had this to say when asked. “We had re ordered the popular sleep mask in what we thought was plenty of time but because we were having them make some small adjustments to the mask and we misjudged how busy our supplier was and as sales ramped up to astonishing levels, we simply ran out of stock and had to sit and wait for new batch of inventory to arrive”

The line of sleep masks had only been released in early September and demand was so high that six weeks later the cupboard was bare. Stevenson, who herself suffers from insomnia knows that getting a restful sleep can be difficult if your environment has a lot of distractions. Stevenson, when asked about the Elusive Dreams sleep mask had this to say. “As someone who suffers from sleep deprivation myself from time to time, I had tried numerous different sleeping masks and found most were either poor quality, ill-fitting or simply did not adequately block out the light. We decided to tackle the problem head on and design our own improved sleep mask with an adjustable head strap and a more snug fitting, comfortable material. Since launching the product feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from those who suffer from insomnia, work shifts or just struggle to get to sleep because of their partner’s snoring or late night reading.”

The Elusive Dreams sleep mask blocks out most annoying light and is a premium quality product which the owners are immensely proud of. It has a silky exterior and a smooth satin inner material that sits snugly and comfortably against the face. To address the problems which Stevenson found with other brands, the company ensured that the head band is stronger and fully adjustable and secured by a Velcro strap. Although the company had only two comments about the mask not fitting extremely large heads, they have nonetheless gone ahead and had their supplier increase the size of the strap again.

The company also found from extensive customer research that noise is an added problem for many people when trying to get to sleep. A simple but ingenious solution was found by incorporating a holster in the strap which houses two premium quality ear plugs. To round off the overall package, the company searched for and found an attractive and convenient storage bag with a draw string. The folded mask is small, light and compact and fits in the smallest purse or wallet, making it ideal for those who travel often or face a daily commute.

Commenting on the quality of the sleeping mask, Stevenson had this to say when questioned. “Making sure that our customers are happy with the end product and get great value for money is of the utmost importance to us so rather than rushing in, we took time to fully research the other masks available on the market and choose the highest quality materials for our sleep mask. Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of a small business like ours competing with big businesses and we are confident that by taking the time to do our homework we have come up with a product which is superior to anything else on the market.” The company has such faith in its product that it offers a no questions asked, money back guarantee on its new sleep mask. All they ask customers to do is to take a couple of minutes to register their warranty.

To make sure that the company does not face the same issues with inventory levels again, Ashleigh stated “We have used the down time to make some small improvements to a product we already thought was fantastic and this time we have quadrupled the size of our order. We apologize to customers for the unavailability of the sleep masks over the past two weeks and can assure you that we will strive to ensure that this popular and premium quality sleep mask is never out of stock again in the future”

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