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LIGHTNING RELEASES — SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 30, 2014 / Universal K-9, a nationally recognized leader in military and police dog training, anounces today their plan to continue offering its highly successful POLICE DOG GRANT PROGRAM with significant dual benefits. The police dog grant program is designed to help save dogs across the country from being euthanized, while also benefiting police departments in need of drug or explosive dogs.

Brad Croft of Universal K-9 explained the program, “Our first focus is on rescuing dogs from shelters and people across the country. We are always looking for high drive dogs – breeds like German shepherds, Belgian Mals, Dutch shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers and quite a few mixed breed dogs too. They have to possess extreme ‘ball drive’.

First, Universal K-9 evaluates the dog and determines whether it is a candidate for the program.  Then they work with the shelters, or individuals, to ensure the dog has all of the necessary shots and health records it may need.  Once the dog is rescued, it then undergoes the company’s industry-leading drug or explosives training program. From that point, the new grant program kicks in, allowing police departments to add a K-9 or replace an aging dog without spending tens of thousands of dollars. The dog is free of charge, and is trained as a single-purpose dog to locate either drugs or explosives. A two-week handler’s course is required for the department’s designated handler before the dog can be released to the department.

Universal K-9’s program has already met with considerable success. One of the dogs the company rescued was Rocky, a one and a half year old male Rottweiler.  He was rescued from the City of Boerne Animal Services Facility, after staff members placed a call to our company.  Rocky had been with them for over a month and they were concerned he would not get adopted due to his size, breed and energy level.  The company rescued him from the City of Boerne before euthanasia had to be seriously considered, and then trained him as a drug dog. Through the grant program, Rocky was then delivered to the Harlingen Police Department, where he serves in local schools and other areas, as noted in this Valley Central news story. Rocky, and his handler, after ONLY four (4) days on the street located 25lbs of narcotics helping to fight the WAR on DRUGS!

Another example of how successful this program has been is the story of Zoey, who now works with the Alachua County Sheriff’s office. Zoey’s outgoing personality and excellent social skills make her the perfect choice for the office’s random school drug search procedures, as reported by CBS GTN News.

Universal K-9 urges all interested police departments, shelters and individuals wanting to donate dogs and money to the cause to contact the company via email at Info@UniversalK9Inc.com or by phone at (210) 858-6830.

To find out more about Universal K-9 or their training programs, visit http://www.UniversalK9Inc.com.   

About Universal K-9: Universal K-9, trains personal protection dogs, arson dogs, narcotics/explosives dogs and numerous other service animals. The company provides fully trained dogs to police and military forces, as well as to individuals for personal protection, and offers contract searches for transit terminals, businesses, schools and now offers personal, private searches for families in need.


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