Choosing a DJ That Best Fits Your Wedding

djEntertainment is important in so many things we do today. There are varying sources of entertainment and the event will dictate the type of entertainment that is best.

When it comes to wedding receptions, the best type of entertainment is hiring DC wedding DJs.

DJs are perfect for a wedding reception since they can play music of varying genres that will be pleasing from the youngest at the wedding to the oldest. This will help keep everyone involved with dancing and enjoying themselves, making the wedding a memorable one for all those that attend.

DJs have revolutionized the entertainment industry. The DJ can change the mood of a wedding reception to best fit those in attendance. If the bride and groom are young and many of their friends are in attendance, the DJ can gear the music to fit those who are there. If an older crowd is in attendance then the music played fit their wants.

Without a DJ present, it is tough to gain the attention of the people at the wedding reception for important events that take place such as cutting the wedding cake and throwing the bridal bouquet.

Before choosing a DJ for a wedding, it is good to be well versed in your needs.

Once you decide on the type of music you want played and what you will want the DJ to do during the reception, besides playing music, then you can find the DJ that is best for your wedding reception.

DJs for weddings will also keep the attendees entertained before the bride and groom arrive at the receptions from their photo session following the wedding ceremony.

It is important that the DJ is ready well before the hour of the reception so they are able to start as soon as the first guests arrive and entertain the guests up to the grand entrance of the new couple.

The best DJs will only play the type of music that the wedding party has requested. By meeting with the DJ prior to the wedding, the DJ will be able to have the songs and type of music that is enjoyed by the bride and groom.

DJs also should meet with the bride, groom and entire wedding party to set up the entrance when they announce them upon arrival at the reception. Professional DJs will make sure this is done in advance knowing that it will be difficult to keep the attention of the wedding party on the big day.

DJs will also ask for specific songs that the bride and groom want, Such as the first song for the new couple and the song to be played when the parents dance with the bride and groom.

Of course, for a DJ it is not all about schedule at a wedding as improv plays its part. The schedule will not also be followed and it will be the DJ’s responsibility to keep things flowing especially when it comes to transitioning from music, to cutting the cake, to taking the garter off, to throwing the bouquet.

A professional DJ will due all of the seamlessly and without the attendees noticing the constant changes that are taking place behind the scenes.

The DJ will be entertaining long after the bride and groom have left in most weddings. At this time, it is important that the DJ is able to keep the guests entertained. Usually the reception starts out with people of all ages dancing.

However, by late into the reception it is usually the younger couples that are still dancing and that will affect the type of music that is played.

A professional DJ can make that transition without any problem and always switch to other genres if guests as for specific songs to be played or dedicate songs to others in attendance or even to the bride groom.

Professionalism, talent and presentation are the most important part of choosing a DJ for your wedding. The DJ must have references that can be confirmed and seeing an event they perform at is also a great way to choose the best DJ for your wedding. Of course, the price is important as well.


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