Affordable Restaurant Point of Sale System Company Now in Three States

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems produces some of the best POS technology for businesses in Florida, Ohio and Alabama.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/30/2015) – Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers quality solutions for point of sale software throughout Florida, Alabama and Ohio. Thanks to outstanding technology and dedicated employees, Pinnacle specializes in restaurant POS systems to fit any size restaurant or budget, restaurant credit card processing systems that integrate with your restaurant POS software, restaurant loyalty cards to help target the right customers with the right incentives and restaurant surveillance to help protect your profits.

When your restaurant, bar, stadium or nightclub is in need of a point of sale system that can improve efficiency and make things easier for your staff, only Pinnacle has what you need. A more efficient and effective staff means they have more time to devote to customer service and that’s what really matters in the hospitality business. Your customers will thank you when you can offer fast and accurate service as well as safe and secure payment processing. Working with Pinnacle Hospitality System means you’re investing in a top quality system designed specifically for your needs. Call today and learn more about getting a quality point of sale system in Florida, Ohio and Alabama!

About Pinnacle Hospitality Systems:

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is a leader in high quality point of sale systems for restaurants, bars, stadiums, nightclubs and more. Pinnacle designs a wide variety of POS systems which improve the speed, accuracy and professional demeanor of your staff. Point of sale software is an often overlooked, yet integral part of any restaurant that can help save time and money while building your restaurant brand as one of the best in the area. Call Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today and learn more about their custom designed restaurant point of sale software. Call (800) 771-7100 or visit to learn more.

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