Beaver Falls, PA Substance Abusers are Turning Things Around with New Helpline

A new alcoholism treatment hotline was recently established for those in Beaver Falls, PA who need some help finding a reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/29/15 — The helpline can be reached at (724) 390-4314 any time day or night and is an excellent resource for addicts of any age who want to end a dangerous substance abuse problem. People who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol are encouraged to contact the helpline to find a rehabilitation program which offers the best chance at recovery.

The helpline also has a corresponding drug and alcohol rehabilitation website which can be visited for more information about what addiction is and why getting clean as soon as possible is in everyone’s best interest. Drugs and alcohol may seem like fun, but going through life under the influence is a complete waste. Contact the alcoholism treatment hotline for Beaver Falls, PA today and start taking steps towards recovery.

About the alcoholism treatment hotline for Beaver Falls, PA:

Calling (724) 390-4314 as soon as possible is a wonderful idea for any drug or alcohol abuser who is committed to reaching sobriety. The helpline is a fantastic resource for finding the substance abuse rehabilitation center which offers you the best chance at sobriety. Send an email to to learn more about how a drug and alcohol recovery facility can help you get clean.

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