Power Tek’s Flash Headlamp Brighter Than The Best On Amazon

A hands free headlamp is an absolute necessity for some who are working in dark places or at night. Jonathan Barraclough understands this fact all too well.  “I designed the Flash headlight specifically because the ones I used were inferior or had some elements I liked, and some I didn’t. I basically gathered together everything that I wanted in a light and put it up for sale,” said Barraclough, President of Power Tek.

The Flash headlight is packed with 168 lumens of long lasting LED’s and powered by three AAA batteries. In deep darkness, a light up to 110 meters is not out of the question. “That was great, but I wanted other elements in the light that were missing, so the research and development team put in two red LED’s for reading, three settings and an SOS feature,” said Barraclough.

The result is a headlight that is one of the brightest a consumer can find. So bright in fact, Barraclough found it was more than 40 percent brighter than the best selling light on Amazon.com. Barraclough was more than pleased with the testing of the light and not as surprised as some may think, especially when the extra research that went into the headlamp is considered.

“I sell exclusively through Amazon.com, and there is a better seller that is inferior to my product. This is the real surprise as far as I am concerned,” said Barraclough. Each element of the headlamp was designed with the user in mind. From the incredibly light 3 oz. size to the quick and simple two button control, Barraclough has yet to have any disappointed customers. “The one year warranty has never been cashed back in on this headlamp. This says something about the quality of what I offer,” said Barraclough.

A full line of products, including the headlamp, is available at the website. Visit www.powerteksystems.com for more information.  To view an informational video about the Flash headlamp go here.  To purchase the Flash headlamp visit Power Tek’s Amazon page here.

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