New Dry Skin Treatment Battles Extreme Winter Weather Conditions

MONTROSE, CA The extreme weather of the winter months can take a heavy toll on your skin. Cold, dry weather, accompanied by artificial heating literally sucks out the moisture from skin, leaving it dry, red and itchy. According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) figures, 81 million Americans all across the country have been looking for relief from those skin conditions this winter.

“Winter weather is one of the main causes of dry, itchy skin,” says Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist from Southern California. “The low humidity that occurs as a result of indoor heating can wreak havoc on your skin’s ability to stay moisturized.”

In the colder parts of the country the number of people suffering from dry skin rises dramatically. “Most people in our area suffer from dry skin in the winter,” comments Dr. Brian Zogg, a dermatologist who has a clinic in Minnesota. “Our harsh winter conditions can cause severe dry skin problems.”

These dry skin conditions are aggravated by everyday activities – most soaps and cleansers contain fragrances, colorants, antibacterial agents and other ingredients that strip away the protective elements of the outer layer of your skin.

The traditional prescription for treating dry skin has been a cream or lotion with moisturizers in it, in an attempt to replace the lost moisture and oils in the skin. In truth, what people look for in a dry skin treatment is one that works an invisible pair of gloves and keeps the good stuff (natural moisture, oils and lipids) in and the bad stuff (those elements that strip out natural moisture) out.

The problems that plague most people is that use of conventional lotions can cause your skin to produce less natural moisture where it is really needed – below the outer layer of skin. And this is the only place moisture can resolve a dry skin condition. “When the skin gets this wrong message from artificial moisturizers, it can make it more difficult for the skin to heal,” says Dr. Zogg. Research into this problem has produced a completely new type of lotion, called a shielding lotion, that’s getting remarkable results. “A shielding lotion is far superior for treating dry, itchy skin because it bonds with the outer layer of the skin and replaces the protective barrier, keeping the irritants out and your own natural oils and moisture in,” explains Dr. Helton.

Shielding lotions don’t wash or rub off,” agrees Dr. Zogg. “Because a shielding lotion stays on and protects the skin it’s a very effective treatment for the dry skin conditions we see here in the winter months.”

“Severe dry skin conditions need to be treated with prescription medication for the inflammation along with a lotion to moisturize and help heal the skin. With a shielding lotion we find that the skin heals much faster, so the patient needs less medication,” says Dr. Helton.

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