Will the PIP code Replace the ZIP code? Edward Palonek Rothwell, Developer of a New Phone App, Has Great Expectations

Edward Palonek Rothwell, creator of the first online search engine for unclaimed property and the global unclaimed property industry with FoundMoney.com is betting that his new phone app, PIP (Palonek Inestimable Positioning), will revolutionize the way we find people, homes and businesses. With a beta version clearly functional, a lot less people are going to get lost.

Palonek says, “The Zip Code was perfect for its time, but, now, in the Digital Age, I believe PIP, my new phone app, will profoundly change the way we find locations. PIP (Palonek Inestimable Positioning), its acronym, is derived from one of my favorite characters- Pip, of Charles Dickens classic Victorian novel, Great Expectations

The ZIP code, acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, was submitted to the post office by Robert Moon, a postal inspector, in 1944. It first began to function in a non-mandatory way for postal addresses in 1963. Later in the decade, ZIP became mandatory for all proper postal addresses as well as becoming an intrinsic component of Data Collection, Marketing Protocols, Internet Technology and Geographical Information Systems.               

Just as Pip experienced the largesse of a benefactor who provided him with tremendous but completely unanticipated benefits, the world’s people are about to receive a free phone app, which will reverse the all-too-often uncertainty of finding people, homes or businesses. Savings for international commerce could run into billions of dollars.

The reality is- today, many locations are still incredibly hard to find.

–       A single father of five has a heart attack in Uruguay but all the ambulance can find is a cow pasture with three sickly-looking cows.

–       A FedEx delivery truck in Nigeria, having gotten lost three times, is days late before making a delivery to a tire factory. The factory loses a valuable client.

–       An older woman in Brooklyn with a medical bracelet has a heart attack in a movie theater but isn’t awake long enough to tell the operator where to find her. She is found dead in the woman’s lavatory.

PIP will limit the annoying and sometimes tragic location mishaps occurring to hundreds of thousands of people every day. With this app, most mobile devices like cell phones, tablets and computers, can utilize GPS codes to index, generate, store and share a unique smart address code produced by PIP. The app will link a physical/geographical address to a logical address through a special sequence of letters, numbers or both. Your cell phone creates a unique six digit code on the spot, which you can give to anyone to find that location anywhere in the world.

The unique smart address identification key can then be given to anyone with a Mobile Device/tablet or wireless computing device, that already has downloaded the Application, then that device will be able to decode/interpret that same smart unique address identification key into a physical GPS coordinate and ultimately represent/display that location on a variety of common/generic mapping applications.

The map Application on the Mobile Device, would display the physical location linked to that unique address identification key, eliminating the need to either verbally/electronically describe the desired destination and how to get to that point.

As Palonek says, “We say the PIP (Palonek Inestimable Positioning) has “inestimable positioning” because like the Zip code, there may be uses and technical improvements that will only really be discovered after the app’s launch.  Pip’s Victorian namesake would probably like the phrase, which so accurately describes the “great expectations” Pip had for himself as we now do for the rest of the world.”

Not a newcomer to technical innovation, Palonek came to his own back in 1994, when, in seeking to get his parents’ estate in order, he discovered the overwhelming difficulties the average person might face in recovering lost property. Although able to navigate the labyrinth of financial data for his own purposes, Palonek became disturbed at the plight of people losing their valuable assets. The result was the creation of the world’s first online search engine for unclaimed property, a multi-faceted program with a completely automated website.  At one point, Oprah’s producers called, his appearance on her show beginning an unsolicited media blitz including dozens of radio shows and TV shows like Maury Povich, CNN, ABC’s Primetime, and NBC’s Dateline. Found Money became the world’s premier international public service assisting in the reclamation of unclaimed properties.

“When I first started Found Money, people showed very little interest. With PIP, people get it immediately. Having already developed a business that skyrocketed to international success, I wonder where this one is headed. Zip Codes were invented by a man named Robert Moon. Is PIP going to reach out beyond that Moon? Will we be taking our Smart Codes to Mars? PIP can identify any location anywhere and share it with anyone on this planet. And, yes, perhaps on any other planet as well.”  We are in the process of testing a beta version

To find out about PIP or for a media interview with Edward Palonek Rothwell, call +507-6675-5452 or email him at edward@estoyaqui.net. Visit PIP’s website at TheGiftofPip.com, or the Android beta version of the download at the Google Play Store.

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