3FL Publications All New Design 3FL-ow Garden Plant Sprayer – Now Sold On Amazon.com.

3FL Publications are delighted to announce that, following the launch of their all-new 3FL-ow model pump action garden sprayer, the product will now be sold on their product page on Amazon.com

The Company has decided to place the product on this immensely successful platform to assist the process of providing availability to meet the shortfall in the market place for a top quality 1 gallon capacity sprayer device.

Now available at www.amazon.com/dp/B00MM7CL2O the new 3FL-ow product will be supplied with a rigid wand, adjustable spray nozzle, flexible hose and secure shoulder strap.

The device is suitable for use with water, plant feed, weed killer and other liquids and all elements of the package are best quality anti-corrosion plastic to ensure minimum maintenance and long working life

The simple to use instructions are provided, both on the packaging and on a separate sheet inside the box.

The unique pump action provides a longer discharge time, allowing a greater area to be covered, and the adjustable spray head is designed to give a full range of discharge, from a full stream down to a fine mist.

The carrying weight of the tank and contents together is around 12 pounds and the secure shoulder carrying strap ensures safe carriage around the garden

The product is offered at www.amazon.com/dp/B00MM7CL2Owith a no hassle, money back, 90 day guarantee and is sold at a market competitive price.

The company is extremely pleased that, following the successful launch of their all-new 3FL-ow model pump action garden sprayer, the product has received very favourable reviews from purchasers.

Catherine Moloney from Miami wrote:

“I purchased the 3FL-ow  garden sprayer for use in my very floral garden and I found the product components easy to assemble. The flexibility and adjustment of the spray nozzle made my work very easy”

Trish Hazlett from Pittsburgh wrote:

“The 3FL-ow sprayer is so easy to use and has great qualities like the shoulder strap so that you can have both hands to use for other things like the wand and possibly some clippers etc. The spray is adjustable so that you can spray a wide area or narrow the nozzle to spray just a specific troublesome area. The quality of this sprayer is outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone as it will last much longer than some of those more cheaply made sprayers. The instructions are very easy to understand and you will have this sprayer working for you quite quickly. It can spray simple or complex solutions so you can take care of all your gardening situations, whether it be watering (I suggest filtered water to eliminate chlorine and other abrasive chemicals that water often has in it), removing pests (the sprayer is safe and strong enough for chemical compounds), or nutrients to keep your plants looking great with natural vitality and beauty. This is the BEST sprayer that I have had the opportunity to work with. You will love it too!”

Bob Watson from Plymouth wrote:

“I purchased the 3FL-ow garden sprayer as a novel Christmas present. I was really taken with the beautiful box design and I was able to easily open the box, examine the contents and re-seal, before wrapping in seasonal paper.”

The Company is also now able to announce an early bird bonus offer in conjunction with initial sales of the 3FL-ow Garden Sprayer.

3FL Publications offer a free 34 page e-Book entitled ” Creating A Greenhouse Wonderland” to the first 50 customers providing a response to the Thank You e-mail, which the Company will send out following purchase and delivery of the 3FL-ow device

Go now to www.amazon.com/dp/B00MM7CL2O and purchase with confidence

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