Indie Recording Artist and Composer Michael Walker Debuts His Hip-Pop/House Sound in Single “Rabbit Hole”

The April 24 Red Carpet Event at a Private Location Will Feature
The Performance of Michael Walker, Sam Salter,
Shawn “Hazz” McDonald, Lou Baron,  Le Chic, and Vessels of Mary


(Los Angeles) April 23, 2015 – Combing hip-pop and house sounds, quintuple threat Michael Walker debuts his new single, “Rabbit Hole,” at a red carpet event on Friday, April 24, 2015, guest arrivals at 7 p.m. and followed by dinner at 8 p.m.  Performances start at 9:30 p.m.

 The song, composed and performed by Walker, is an example of his eclectic dual country upbringing – Philippines and the U.S. – and his talent as an actor, model, and host.  “Rabbit Hole is expressed as a psychedelic storybook version of the fairy tales, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Romeo & Juliet,” with a twist of a post-modern freak show with a hip-pop sound,” said Walker.

The upcoming video, directed and written by Frenchman Jean Kinsella, will tell a story of a dreamer (Walker) who maneuvers through a human maze to reach his true love (Cailey Corio).   “As we all know love can be elusive and may appear more romantic and attainable in a dream,” says Walker. “When time freezes, the dreamer awakens and then the journey of love begins.”

Walker has been lauded as a rare millennial in the music world. He composes songs that not many hip-pop artists his age write about – peace, unity, self-esteem and environmental preservation. “I welcome success but also want to make a make difference through my music,” said Walker.  The soon-to-be released video is a creative collaboration between Kinsella and R&B Artist and Vocal Producer Sam Salter.


About Michael Walker:

A native of Southern California, Michael Walker’s maternal roots are from the Philippines.  He attributes his outgoing personality to his diverse experiences as a globe trotter from a young age.  Exposure to a variety of cultures and the entertainment industry has led Walker to pursue a career in Film, Commercial, and TV.  Trained by Hollywood veteran
Marki Costello, Walker has hosted public and private events as well as red carpet premieres and parties. Using the media platform, Walker created an anti-poverty awareness campaign along with his celebrity friends.

As a philanthropist and motivational speaker, Walker has worked with the LA Marathon for American Vets and the Junior High Academic Decathlon at the LA Convention Center where he rocked the house with more than 6,000 screaming teens.


  • “An amazing new talent that captivates from start to finish.”
  • “Stunningly photogenic with an ethnically ambiguous twist.”
  • “A rare combination of humility and understanding.”


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