Misting: The Evolution of a “Still Young” Industry

Phoenix, AZ June 26th, 2015. Twenty-five years have passed since a young man John M. came thru the door at PSI with an Idea.  None of the following could have been thought of at the time.  John had just graduated from A.S.U.  His father had come up with an inexpensive way to cool-off chickens in the Southern California climate, and therefore to produce more eggs.  That first simple idea developed by Bill Sommers, has now circled the globe with International companies producing a mist cooling system for arid climates, matriculating industries like mosquito abatement, humidification and dust impingement.  Being the almost original precursor of this engineering phenomena, Bill launched the idea of people cooling in Arizona. 

“At the beginning, this was extremely slow, because it had to be shown to be believed. Plus attempting to find people and places for this show and tell was extremely exasperating.  Once launched with an objective and a well thought out pump system, the opportunities began to show the initiative was not for naught.  Yes, it took about 5 years initially to get the word out but it did spread and became a means of bringing temperatures down to make life compatible on the patios and food services as outside air-conditioning” commented Bill Sommers President at Pressure Systems/MistAir.

Because Sommers wanted systems that would last in service for a duration of comfort they produced systems that were overbuilt way beyond the specifications of the pump manufacturer’s recommendations.  This concept allowed for long warranties and the acceptance of this style of equipment to be placed within the comfort of the purchasing community.  “Others have tried to cheapen the original recommendationsWe see this also in other industries where the initial perfume of the flowers turns into the putrid of decay. When you build the product correctly you can withstand among the rest.” stated Chris Sommers VP at MistAir.

So far this year MistAir has worked installing and servicing misting systems in commercial places such as: The Biltmore Plaza, Kierland Commons, Wet-n-Wild, Oreganos, Harkins Theaters, Red Robin and also hundreds of residences within the Valley of the Sun, thanks to their finance program which allows owners to buy high pressure misting system with a built-in POWER washer, for around $100 a month.

Keep cool under pressure with PSI & MistAir!

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