West Coast Rapper Sitting Dove Ratchets Up Revolutionary Fervor with New Zeta (EP) Release

West Coast Rapper Sitting Dove releases his new Zeta EP on July 14th, 2015 as a follow up to his groundbreaking debut Blossom (2014) LP.  Ratcheting up  revolutionary fervor on one hand while succumbing to the alluring grip of MK-Ultra mind control programming on the other, Sitting Dove takes us on a journey from the front lines of a ‘Global Revolution’ into the dicey worlds of witchcraft, depravity, and spiritual abyss. [*Available on iTunes and elsewhere online July 14, 2015. Pre-Order available on CD Baby July 4th.]

On the Zeta EP, Sitting Dove keeps his key production players in tact—again leaning on the seasoned acumen of two music industry legends: Miami mix engineer/producer Lu Diaz (Pitbull, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Kid Ink) and mastering engineer Gene Grimaldi of Oasis Mastering (Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Austin Mahone). All Zeta EP vocals were recorded by James Kang for Blue Room West (Santa Monica, CA ) who also provided key preliminary mixing while veteran mix engineer Ric McRae (Dr. Dre, Azealia Banks) provided crucial mixing and production contributions as well. Instrumental production was provided by Mike Lightner and Corbett for Jee Juh Productions.

The Zeta EP’s opening track “Rise” is an orchestral, djembe-laden, big-kick meditation that blends the earthy with the dreamy while surgically breaking down the institutional forces that undermine the dreams and aspirations of the ‘common Joe and Josephine.’ In this gritty Gregorian chant of sorts, Sitting Dove both challenges and baits his listeners: “If you want to be warrior, now it’s time to ride.”

The EP’s title track “Zeta” is musically late-night funk meets ‘slinky keyboard circuitry.’ With its hooky, free-falling bellows, this paradoxically upbeat mind warp of a song explores the eerie effects of MK-Ultra mind control programming on both the world-at-large and his own fraying psyche. While praising the courage of comedian Katt Williams, Dr. Martin Luther King, JFK, and former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Sitting Dove takes a few tongue-in-cheek pokes at Hollywood, Madonna and the haunted, neon-tinted dreamscape in which he finds himself fully immersed—the hook proudly proclaiming his grandiose death wish of attaining “Zeta Glory.”

Feeling “the Omega programming kicking in,” Sitting Dove abandons all of his normal conventions and ironically—maybe tragically—goes mainstream with the EP’s final track, “Feminist.” This other-worldly, rock-tinged, horror-core rap finds Sitting Dove revisiting his ‘Mr. Sleaze’ alter-ego with more glee and creepy aplomb than ever before. Wholly embodying the sex-tinged mantle of MTV Pop and Hip Hop culture, Sitting Dove unleashes his most rabid and politically incorrect diatribe to date. In both the “Explicit” version and cleverly-adapted “Clean” version, Sitting Dove takes us on a rapturous ride into a seemingly endless Hollywood night…

Also included on the Zeta EP is an abbreviated “Radio Edit” of the song “Rise.” 

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