The Last Train Home-Religion, Science and Politics: The new Morality of Climate Change

Los Angeles, CA June 29, 2015 – Zamp Nicall’s latest music video “The Last Train Home” takes a look at the perplexing and radical changes to earth’s environment. 

“In our latest release, The Last Train Home, we present an in depth yet artistic review of the new morality of climate change. Whether it be through the news, social media, television, and/or the physical repercussions and daily changes taking place around us -we are consistently being reminded that our planet is in danger,” Says Big Parade CEO Zamp Nicall. “It is our intention to radiate awareness to this serious cause and more by capturing the attention of youth and forward thinking individuals alike through music and film. We are aiming to generate social, environmental and political proactivity through art”.

 With current media attention focusing on encroaching global warming devastation more than ever, the time for action is imminent. Recently, critical voices such as Pope Francis have come forth with “Doomsday” predictions and imperative warnings. Pope Francis claims, “We are not faced with two separate crises, one environmental and the other social,” Francis states, “but rather one complex crisis which is both social and environmental.” A recent response from presidential candidate Jeb Bush “I’m a skeptic not a scientist” proves the issue remains highly politicized.

“The Last Train Home- Earth on the Edge” examines both the state of our environment and the health of our planet earth, leaving viewers to question what their role is in protecting our planet. It is the Big Parade’s objective to provoke listeners to become proactive both socially AND environmentally. 

The Big Parade is a multimedia music and film company founded by critically acclaimed Songwriter/Music editor Zamp Nicall. He is currently making waves with his artistic political statements that are anything but conventional. Placing over 300 songs in primetime television as well as providing music editing services for such shows as: Nip/Tuck, The Closer, The Shield, Major Crimes, The Big Parade has produced over 30+ music videos with unique artistic statements based on current events. 

Blurring the lines between art and politics, Zamp Nicall’s ‘Big Parade’ aims to expose veracity within politics and socially relevant issues to a new generation of Millennials via music videos and social commentary, all while continuing to break boundaries

With Avant Garde music videos  like “Big Business, Propaganda and the Subconscious Mind”, “The Last Train Home, Earth on the Edge”, and “Under the Midnight Sun, Nightmares in the Nuclear Age”; covering such topics as political corruption, environmental destruction, social injustice and the proliferation of the military economy, just to name a few, The Big Parade aims to diffuse consciousness of socially accordant topics while visually stimulating their audience.

At present, The Big Parade continues to produce relevant and important messages through film and music media, expanding their followers while captivating new and progressive activists. New videos are slated for release within the coming weeks.


To learn more about The Big Parade, please contact:

Ari Levian, West Coast Media Director • Studio City, CA • (845) 430-8604 •

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