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TXHD CEO (Wais Asefi) Interview

The world of marketing is currently in a state of flux. As the traditional media structures continue to erode and new methods for reaching people rise, it’s clear that good marketing has to dig deeper. Precisely how advertising can reach the most people, or, more importantly, reach the RIGHT people, is a question that continues to swirl. One … [Read more...]

Corporate Caterers is a Superior Caterer in the Charlotte, NC Area

Those looking for great catering near Charlotte, NC can call Corporate Caterers for all of their events, business meetings and more. Corporate Caterers has long been a leader in catering services and their location in Charlotte, NC is no exception. Serving all of Charlotte, NC and most surrounding areas, Corporate Caterers offers a large selection … [Read more...]

Entertainment Industry Executive, Tiffany Gaines, Announces the Signing of New R&B/Pop Sensation “Myko” of Rick Ross Music Group

Entertainment Industry Executive, Tiffany Gaines, also known as the Business manager to artists and clients such as Freeway Rick Ross, Curtis Young (Son of Dr Dre) and Pop/Rock Chanteuse, Christine Storm, announces today, yet another signing to her elite management roster, R&B/Pop sensation “Myko”.Tiffany Gaines, CEO of LRT … [Read more...]

Stadia Ventures Launches Accelerator That Expects to Invest $10M in Sports Startups

Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, announced its plan to launch Stadia Accelerator, a business development accelerator for sports-related startups. Stadia Accelerator expects to invest $10M over the next five years to help sports startups get to the next level through the combination of up to $100,000 in equity investment, intensive … [Read more...]

Australian eco-fashion retailer James&Co announces the formation of Advisory Board

Goal of sustainable and ethical business as a force for goodSydney, 24 June 2015 – Australian online eco-fashion retailer James&Co announced today that it has established an Advisory Board. The board will comprise of non-executive directors Diane Shelton (Chair), Diane (Di) Landau, and Sebastian Robertson.Effective immediately, the … [Read more...]

Capital Billing Service LLC Announces TrustWave PCI Certification

Capital Billing Service LLC For ReleaseTrustWave PCI CertificationCapital Billing Service LLC Announces TrustWave PCI CertificationLos Angeles, CA— TrustWave PCI Certification — Today at the Annual CBS Conference, Capital Billing Service LLC announced its new use of TrustWave PCI Certification, further protecting Capital Billing Service … [Read more...]

LederMann Leather: The Brand Name You can Trust for High Quality Leather Briefcases and Bags

The Brand Name You can Trust for High Quality Leather Briefcases and BagsJune 22, 2015- Nethill has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, full-grain real leather briefcases, leather duffle bags and travelbags, leather backpacks and leather messenger bagssold under the LederMann® brand for distinguished men around the world.It was in the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Commemorates Defining Moment for Award-Winning Business Owner

Lake Charles, LA:  Father's Day is an International celebration honoring fathers, celebrating fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society. The United States embraced the holiday in the early 1900s and it grew in popularity, then officially was signed into law in 1972 by President Richard Nixon. For Michele Scism, founder and CEO of … [Read more...]

Stephen “Steve” Stengell Recognized by Elite American Business Owners

Bowling Green, KY, May 23, 2015, Stephen S. Stengell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Encore Energy, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in oil and energy. For more information, please visit the following … [Read more...]


            Joseph S. Hooper has over 13 years of experience as a registered financial advisor/issuer agent with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and/or the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions (“Kentucky DFI”). Mr. Hooper also has some 25 additional years of … [Read more...]