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 Lip enhancements have gained popularity in the past few years because thin lips are associated with aging. Every decade after the age of 18, the lips start to droop by 1 mm in both genders. By the time you hit 40, your lips may migrate south by as much 4 mm if you are a sun lover, smoker, and/or have a poor diet.

Your lips dictate how youthful you are. Scientists reveal that if you have full lips, your perceived age is 10 years younger even if you have gray hair and wrinkles. Scientists say lips are one of the most sensual areas on a woman’s body and serve as a biological indicator of a woman’s health and fertility.This is why men give more attention to women with fuller lips.

According to CandyLipz inventor, Dr. Thienna Ho, “I invented CandyLipz because after I turned 35, my lips were drooping. Today, I have better lips than the lips I was born with! If you want designer lips, you can have them in minutes. People who use CandyLipz are addicted to plumping so beware.” (smiling with great joy)

CandyLipz won 15 prestigious awards worldwide for technical design of its invention and it is available in 30 countries. It uses a suction element coupled with an advanced patented lip-shaper technology to shape and contour the appearance of the lips beautifully, every time.(see image)

Users on social media outlets have reported CandyLipz semi-permanently enlarged their lips naturally, removed wrinkles around the lips, lifted the corners of the mouth, reduced lip grooves and pits, elevated the Cupid’s bow to shorten the distance under the nose and the border of the upper lip. Dr. Thienna said, “It is all in the design! I had these problems so I had to invent a beauty tool that addressed my aging lips. It took me three arduous years to design and test CandyLipz. It is the world’s first and only clinically proven lip enhancement tool safe for lip plumping!”

CandyLipz is not a tube or cap design as other lip plumping devices on the market. The exclusive design of CandyLipz lip plumper works on the upper or lower lip together or separately and allows users to create a vertical dent on the lower lip if that look is desired.

CandyLipz is all about fun and users get to choose their own lip size! Go as subtle to as extreme as you desire. Currently, CandyLipz is the sole manufacturer of CandyLipz and it is sold online at At her website, you can find authorized resellers from major countries. “Don’t buy counterfeit CandyLipz. They have not been tested and can seriously injure your lips. When it comes to your face, get the real deal”, stated Dr. Thienna.

For more information, you can check out CandyLipz on Instagram @mycandylipz, FB at, and YT at Team is also available to answer any of your questions at

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