2016 Election Cycle Brings Experienced Law Firms Opportunity To Make Big Bucks In Colorful Corruption Cases

San Francisco –  With the Age of Transparency, the rise of digital news and public approval of Congress at an all time low, Donald Trump discovered that the public will finally pay attention to politics if it has a bit of drama and color.

The public loves its public policy with a side of ham. A good Lois Lerner hit-job scandal, infidelity intrigues, mysterious email servers and technology bribes will bring the public out in droves.

Now, big law firms can ride the wave of public interest, in public policy, by taking on colorful public policy and anti-corruption cases. The PR value, in modern connected media, can sometimes be higher than their percentage of the contingency awards.

As shown at the website http://www.paybackpolitics.org , politicians are never at a loss to do bizarre, creepy, things in order to maintain cash and power. The public eats up the after-effects like bees on honey.

One enterprising group, of potential Plaintiffs, has gathered other potential Plaintiffs in order to, both, aggregate opportunity and source litigation partners.

At their website link: http://endtheblowoff.weebly.com/seeking-law-firms.html

They are offering a pretty nifty package for a big firm with some entrepreneurial spirit and top Fortune 1000 adversary skills.

Top federal cops, plaintiffs own private investigators, Senate staff, top journalists and whistle-blowers have spent millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of hours, gathering devastating evidence against the Defendants. Now they are ready to “bring the pain”.

Big names are involved in the case, and judging by the list of possible Defendants, a proper large law-firm could pick from among an excellent array of juicy targets. All of these targets got themselves in quite a bit of trouble by engaging in overt crimes, without realizing they were under sophisticated surveillance.

The cases involve substantial embezzlement activates by high-level federal officers working with criminally corrupt company executives. When federal investigators asked some of the Plaintiffs to cooperate with their investigations, Defendants contracted hit-jobs on the Plaintiffs. The Defendants used state, and federal, cash and resources for these hit-jobs, so the Plaintiffs expanded the opportunity pool.

Law-firms who are willing to take on these cases are sought. Plaintiffs are seeking contingency or contingency/hybrid arrangements. Quite a bit of work has already been done and is Bates Stamped and on file in multiple state, federal and expert locations.

Venue opportunities include Texas; Washington, DC; California; Michigan; Utah and any European venue for the defamation portions of the cases. News mention and social media PR for the law firms undertaking these cases is estimated, by branding experts, at over a million dollars in value.

If your law firm is a qualified litigation leader, contact the Plaintiffs group at:   http://endtheblowoff.weebly.com/seeking-law-firms.html

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