Is Lyme Disease an Ignored Pandemic?

A seemingly stealthy pandemic of epic proportions, causing untold misery and suffering for millions, thrives amidst a culture of politics, greed, corruption, and arrogance. Endemic in many parts of the world Lyme disease and its associated co-infections doesn’t even exist in the minds of some in the medical community, can’t be easily diagnosed, treatment regimens are often confusing and not evidence based. When treatment is attempted it is often inadequate or substandard leaving many with chronic persistent infections.

A corkscrew like class of bacteria called Borrelia, the most infamous being the versions that cause Lyme disease, is totally out of control with as many as a third of the country already infected. While many can remain relatively asymptomatic for decades, others will suffer horribly until their abbreviated lives are ended by this infection. Those who beat the odds have Alzheimer’s disease to look forward to, because apparently what everyone has been calling Alzheimer’s disease is a neuroborreliosis.

That means Alzheimer’s disease isn’t really Alzheimer’s disease – but a Lyme infection in the brain. Modern medicine seems to have a problem understanding that many so-called auto-immune illnesses from arthritis, Crohn’s, Lupus, and MS, just to name four, may be due to an infection be it mycoplasma, Borrelia, mycobactrium or an unrecognized retro-virus.

Graft and incompetence at the CDC have guided the medical community right off the cliff where today many physicians wouldn’t know how to diagnose Lyme disease with any accuracy if they even believed there was such an illness, because there are those who deny its existence, and almost no one in the medical community knows how to treat it.

The wrong academicians have been put in charge of studying this illness (IDSA) and setting policy; furthermore, the wrong people are working at the CDC. Even though Lyme disease does not fit a vaccine model, the potential windfall from a vaccine as corrupted the entire effort to help people with this disease. No wonder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. calls the Vaccine Division of the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” and “a snake pit of Big Pharma lies.”

The article, OVERVIEW OF LYME DISEASE: A CRITIQUE OF AN IGNORED PANDEMIC, was published in International Journal of Current Advanced Research at the end of October (

 Its author, K Paul Stoller, MD, has been warning about the devastation being caused by this disease for many years.

Dr. Stoller wirtes, “Modern medicine has failed miserably to meet the needs of the millions infected. If all the obfuscation surrounding Lyme disease has something to do with the lack of some big company being able to take financial advantage of the crisis then that would be sad and a reflection of our dysfunctional approach to reality, hopefully that is all that this is about.”

K Paul Stoller, MD, was a board certified pediatrician for over two decades, but today operates the Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of San Francisco (


Contact: Dr. Stoller, 415 563-3800


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