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Contact: Amanda Llewellyn
Oct. 30, 2015 Ferraro The Group


New 22,000 Square-Foot WestCare Facility to Aid in Relief of Mental Healthcare Access & Care During Crisis Situations

(LAS VEGAS) — It’s no secret that the mental healthcare sector in southern Nevada is often overwhelmed by the number of people seeking immediate crisis services verses the number of available facilities to meet this need. WestCare Nevada today announced a facility designed to combat some of that strain: the WestCare Community Triage Center and Community Involvement Center. A grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 22,000 square-foot renovated building took place on Oct. 28 at the building, located at 323 N. Maryland Parkway near 13th Street.

The center is divided into two sections – a crisis portion and a community resources area – and will provide a variety of services. Among the services are: prevention education; outreach; outpatient counseling; substance abuse outpatient treatment; mental health services; and assessment intake. The Community Triage Center provides safe, medically supervised detoxification services and triage services for people with mental health issues.

WestCare President and CEO Richard Steinberg said the new Community Triage Center will help alleviate much of the overcrowding that hospital emergency rooms experience when first responders bring individuals there who need immediate mental health attention. Rather, the new center will allow paramedics and police officers a place to transport individuals seeking mental crisis help. Following assessment, WestCare professionals will then either intake the patient or direct and facilitate the patient’s relocation to other facilities.

“We are always looking for new ways to serve the community and underserved populations,” said Steinberg. “This new facility will be open to anyone who is battling addiction and mental health issues. We are proud to be a light in the dark for those who are suffering.”

WestCare Nevada is partially funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Nevada’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency, Clark County, City of Las Vegas, the Veteran’s Administration, Nevada Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services.

About WestCare

WestCare Foundation was founded more than 40 years ago in Las Vegas with the goal of “uplifting the human spirit.” The non-profit provides a variety of programs across the continuum of health and human services. Every doorway into a WestCare program is designed, not only to lead to solutions for the presenting issue, but also to be a first step toward identifying other potential complicating and co-occurring factors impacting the life of individuals as a whole. WestCare’s trauma-informed, person-centered continuum of care spans 17 states and two U.S. territories and is recognized for clinical excellence, coordinated access and collaborative innovation.

Addressing the issues of substance abuse, mental health disorders, homelessness, domestic violence, criminal justice, HIV/AIDS, and Veterans support, WestCare offers services such as: outpatient and residential treatment; women and children’s programs; education/prevention efforts; emergency shelters and transitional living services; Veterans programs; mental health services; and community triage centers.  For more information, visit



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