Astak and CV Squared To Launch CV2 (Computer Vision + Connected Vehicle) Platform

The CV2 platform integrates computer vision, telematics, and data analytics to enable customers to truly benefit from connected vehicle applications, including but not limited to vehicle accident prevention.

San Jose, CA – December 30, 2015 – Astak Inc. (“Astak”) and CV Squared, Inc. (CV Squared”) today announced a partnership to release the CV2 (computer vision + connected vehicle) platform to help drivers and fleet managers prevent costly traffic accidents and achieve enhanced operational efficiencies. The partnership combines Astak’s market leadership in consumer and industrial connected cameras and dashcams, and CV Squared’s vision and technical expertise.

The CV2 solution platform consists of in-vehicle units (called CV2::Vu) and the cloud platform (called CV2::Cloud).

CV2::Vu, equipped with the computer vision engine and an array of sensors, feeds environmental context, driver behavior, and telematics data continuously to CV2::Cloud via 3G/LTE mobile networks for subsequent analysis and feedback. CV2::Vu also issues a variety of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) warnings/alerts to vehicle drivers on the fly. The ADAS features delivered by CV2::Vu are more meaningful and effective than those by conventional ADAS – thus the next generation ADAS features – by having CV2::Vu and CV2::Cloud work together.     
CV2::Cloud accumulates and organizes environmental context, driver behavior, and telematics data, presents them in Web-based dashboards, and runs the data analytics engine in the background. The data analytics engine will enable the development of predictive models that can help enhance driver safety and open up many other possibilities for connected vehicles applications.       

“CV2 achieves the convergence of computer vision, vehicle telematics, and predictive data analytics in the most effective way and will demonstrate how such convergence would benefit vehicle drivers, fleet managers, insurance companies, and regulators by helping reduce the risks of traffic accidents; it would also serve as a platform to enable and facilitate the development of connected vehicle applications of great commercial potential,” said Dr. Michael Suh, CEO of CV Squared. “While there are quite a few telematics service providers in the market, they leave much to be desired in terms of their capability to capture and utilize environmental context information and driver behavior data, which in our opinion are of far greater value. CV2 gleans environmental context information and driver behavior data through its computer vision engine, and uses them in innovative ways to help prevent vehicle accidents, improve vehicle-related efficiencies, and offer other services the customers would find highly beneficial.” 

“We are pleased to partner with CV Squared to offer the CV2 platform to consumer market,” said Simon Wang, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Astak. “As a leading vendor of consumer and industrial connected cameras and dash cams, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the latest trends in IoT and connected vehicle applications and the customers’ growing acceptance of ADAS solutions. We believe that CV2 represents a logical next step for telematics services and ADAS, which have evolved as disparate solutions and have their respective deficiencies. Our customers are eager to try the CV2 platform because they so clearly see the benefits of CV2.”

Astak and CV Squared will conduct a series of field trials of CV2 in collaboration with a few regional fleet operators during 1Q2016, and anticipate full commercial launch in 2Q2016. For fleet market, the CV2-based services will be offered on a subscription basis. For consumer market, CV2::Vu will initially be marketed and distributed as stand-alone solution by Astak.   

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About CV Squared, Inc.

CV Squared, Inc. (“CV Squared”), a development stage company based in San Jose, CA, has been engaged in the design and development of connected vehicle platforms that integrate computer vision and cloud-based predictive data analytics. CV Squared plans to launch a subscription-based service based on its CV2 platform beginning 2Q2016, targeting at fleet markets in North America. For more information, visit

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