Roubini ThoughtWorks Announces Name Change to Roubini ThoughtLab

New name reflects the firm’s broader mission as an innovation hub for analytics-driven thought leadership and decision support    

NEW YORK, NY–January 27, 2015 – Roubini ThoughtWorks, a pioneering thought leadership consultancy that combines visionary thinking with leading-edge analytics, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Roubini ThoughtLab. A joint venture with Roubini Global Economics (RGE), Roubini ThoughtLab partners with leading research organizations to create evidence-based research and next-generation analytics for business and government. The name change reflects the company’s broader mission to serve as an innovation hub bringing together best-in-class analytical tools for thought leadership and decision support.

“Traditional data and analysis are no longer adequate for today’s complex, interconnected world,” said Lou Celi, Chief Executive of Roubini ThoughtLab. “Our new name – Roubini ThoughtLab – conveys our unparalleled ability to apply advanced analytics and innovative thinking to help executives make decisions and influence external stakeholders. Stress testing, scenario framing, web analytics, interactive modeling, and instant visualizations are just some of the quantitative tools we are making available to executives through our thought leadership, custom research, and subscription packages.”

Roubini ThoughtLab will continue to serve executives in the corporate, professional services, and government sectors seeking to adapt to transformative changes occurring around the world. Set up last year in partnership with RGE, the joint venture combines RGE’s worldwide economic, financial markets and analytical expertise, with the in-depth research, editorial, and creative skills of the Roubini ThoughtLab team.  Roubini ThoughtLab draws on the analytical capabilities of leading research partners providing best-in-class thought leadership in their respective areas, which include Oxford Analytica, Forbes Insights, Macrobond, and Econsult Solutions, among others.    

In the upcoming year, Roubini ThoughtLab plans to extend its relationships with several top-tier research firms and consultancies to broaden its exceptional analytics and business intelligence. The firm is currently collaborating with top consultancies and technology firms on a range of leading-edge thought leadership programs, including topics such as the future of work, consumer markets transformation, and wealth management. Roubini ThoughtLab is working together with RGE economists and other research partners to develop a portfolio of advanced analytical tools that will be made available to business and government decision makers in the first quarter of 2016.

“We are excited by the new name of our joint venture–Roubini ThoughtLab, said Terry Waters, CEO of Roubini Global Economics. “It reflects our commitment to extending RGE’s analytical capabilities and driving new product innovation in the corporate and government verticals.”  

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s product and services throughout the calendar year 2016.

About Roubini Global Economics

Roubini Global Economics is a leading independent, global macroeconomic research firm founded in 2004 by renowned economist Nouriel Roubini. Roubini research combines expert insight with systematic analysis to translate economic, market and policy signals into actionable intelligence for a wide range of financial, corporate and policy professionals. This holistic approach uncovers opportunities and risks before they come to the attention of companies and markets, helping clients arrive at better decisions in a timelier manner. Roubini is headquartered in New York.

About Roubini ThoughtLab

A joint venture with Roubini Global Economics, Roubini ThoughtLab is an innovative thought leadership consultancy that partners with organizations to create evidence-based research and next-generation analytics. Unlike other research providers, Roubini ThoughtLab blends leading-edge quantitative and qualitative insights with compelling content and analytical formats to create ground-breaking thought leadership and decision support. An agile, collaborative enterprise, Roubini ThoughtLab draws on the diverse skills of its management team, alliance partners and expert network—as well as RGE’s worldwide team of over 40 economists and specialists–to deliver the highest quality, end-to-end research and analytical solutions.

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