Parker & Sons Reports on the Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Heat Pump Water Heaters

Parker & Sons hears every day from homeowners who want to keep energy costs down. Typically, Parker & Sons reports that these conversations revolve around HVAC units which are the largest home energy user. Often, individuals don’t think for a second about the second largest energy user in the home. In fact, most homeowners and renters might not even know what the second largest energy using in their home is. Parker & Sons is here to report that the hot water heaters are often the second largest culprit in terms of elevating the monthly electricity bill. Using new innovative products like ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters can save a family of four over $600 per year.

New models of heat pump water heaters are highly energy efficient and represent a fantastic way to cut costs and save on the monthly energy bill. Parker & Sons comments that ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters can provide saving nearly on par with tankless water heaters. While ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters may be more expensive than several model of water heater available on the market, on average, they will pay for themselves within a period of just 2.4 years. Over the standard 13 year lifespan of an ENERGY STAR heater, families of four save on average $3,500 and avoid dumping over 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Parker & Sons reports on additional benefits to using an ENERGY STAR heater. Many states offer incentives for purchasing an energy efficient hot water heater. Some incentives may even approach $1,000 in value. This helps reduce the difficulty of purchasing an ENERGY STAR heater by lessening the blow of upfront costs.

Parker & Sons encourages individuals interested in purchasing a high-efficiency water heater to speak with the some service company of their choosing. Parker & Sons has been outfitting, installing, repairing, and maintaining water heaters for over 4 decades. Founded in 1974, Parker & Sons has history individuals can count.

“We love seeing high efficient products like these ENERGY STAR heat pump water heaters available on the market. Not only do they save people big on their monthly energy bill, they also help us preserve our planet,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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