Hastings & Hastings Advises on Proper Dog Park Etiquette

America is in love with dogs. In Arizona, that love affair is particularly strong. If recent legislation is to be used as an example, the people of Arizona care deeply about the wellbeing of their animals. For many dog owners, a part of cultivating that wellbeing is taking periodic trips to the dog park. Hastings & Hastings provides advice on proper dog park etiquette good for both veteran visitors and inexperienced park enthusiasts alike.  
Hastings & Hastings cautions that dog owners should only take their pets to the dog park if they properly trained and ready.
Veterinarians advise that pet owners avoid taking the puppies to the dog park until they are at least 6 months of age. Further, puppies should stay home until they have received their full round of shots and vaccinations. Close contact with other animals facilitates the transmission of viruses and diseases. Younger animals without fully developed immune systems will be place at highest risk by this contact.
Further, Hastings & Hastings advises that pet owners should ensure that their dogs are properly trained before visiting the dog park. Points of behavior to focus on include the proper way to great others dogs. A well trained dog should not charge another animal overly enthusiastically. This could lead to confrontations. Additionally, they should not exhibit dominance behaviors which could likewise cause a conflict.
Pet should always avoid brining a leashed dog into an off-leash area of the dog park. Other dogs could become tangled in the leash leading to broken bones and even choking. If a dog is not trained to be off-leash, it should remain in an area designed for leashed animals.
Hastings & Hastings calls upon dog owners to play close attention to their pets when visiting the dog park. Occasionally, enthusiastic playing could get out of control. It is important for owners to be nearby if intervention is needed.
“Spending a beautiful, sunny day at the dog park is a great way to have fun with your dog. But remember, everyone else is there to have fun too. We are sure, if you practice proper dog park etiquette, everyone will get along just fine,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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